How to Improve your Motivational Skill, Series-4 , Pradip Kumar Ray

Prerana (Motivation & Inspiration) -4

Pradip Kumar Ray

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Pradip Kumar Ray

                      We are not ideal men or women. We do not know the answers of all the problems, questions or riddles of life. This is why we make mistakes and failed. You have to stumble in the path of life. Learning to stumble is humanity, that is, a strong and healthy mindset. That shows the perfect path to their future. Failure is a part of life, and success does not hurt. Success comes only after failure. “Zindagi ke iye rit hay, har ke bad jit hai”.

                    Winning is an event but being a winner is a mental state. Despite not being given out, the famous cricketer Sachin Tendulkar left the crease, because of which Sachin himself realized that he was out. Sachin Tendulkar himself was victorious in this case. That is why Sachin was able to score a century of the century.

                   Reading or memorizing all the ideals that pave the way for success does not lead to success. Success can be achieved by applying them properly in the home and in the workplace. Jealous criticism should be accepted as praise for disguise. Critics really want to get to where you are but not able to achieve which you have and for that reason criticism is being done. The tree that results in more fruit is more likely to hurt the stone.

                  One thing to keep in mind is that we are actually living for love. The price of any result is not worse than this love. It is not okay to give unnecessary stress, yet some parents unwittingly put pressure on themselves. The fault is not always by the parents, but by the fault of the society. The education system that replaces ungodly creativity, instead of forming one’s own thinking, obedience, traditionalism and Imitation teaches that a society that does not provide the education of honor for all, even if it means big words, defines the cost of living on the basis of numbers.

                  The fault is advertising, rewards policies, which depict pictures that neglect the qualitative diversity as if everything depends on the good of school or college results. Even parents and children cannot easily go beyond that thinking. In the face of social situations, worrying about their own lives, sadness of hope, uncertainty about the future of the child – all together, parents reluctantly force their children to do more which may harm than good.

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