How to Improve your Motivational Skill, Series-5 , Pradip Kumar Ray

Prerana (Motivation & Inspiration) -5 Pradip Kumar Ray Click Here to See the Bengali Version Click Here to See the Hindi version
Pradip Kumar Ray

After the test did not produce the expected results, this entire history of emotions can be repeated in the mind. With it comes the tension of relationships, family problems and loneliness. No matter what age we are in, it feels great. At the age of forty it is understood that the emotions of the twentieth year were not worth much. Today’s bad results, the day it will not bring as much dirt as it does today. On the contrary, if he truly stands up from this stage, his glory will be greater. If the result is not good, then there is another way. The traditional way of getting a job does not close on the basis of school or college results. There is also the opportunity to learn different types of vocational work; there is a range of businesses.

Depression, grief, parents’ confusion – all can devour your mind, but it is your responsibility to talk to your parents about their own hardships. Relationships, love – they are all two-dimensional. It is the responsibility of both to express love and to seek love. It is important to remember that people are true to everyone and life is true to people. So don’t ever think about escaping from life.

Rather, challenge the life that you will not escape from life even if you do not get good results in the exam and will look for the future and will find yourself in a life war. So I’m saying, “Don’t stop, you don’t understand, you don’t go white, you don’t stop. Remember that you are a fighter – fight, fight and fight again.”

What seems to be wrong today will one day be right over time? In fact, we live only for love. The body needs food to survive and the mind needs love to survive. As a parent, every parent should have a prayer – “Let my child love, accept that love and be able to love others.” The price of a result is not higher than this demand.

We are often told to be “tough”. It is important to remember that being “tough” also means being a bit ruthless. It is not happiness, but the wood. But sometimes that hardship has to be acknowledged for the good of yourself and others. The life of your parents and your life – there is definitely a deep connection between these two or three lives that is why our family or social relationships are so valuable.

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