How to Improve your Motivational Skill, Series-6 , Pradip Kumar Ray

Prerana (Motivation & Inspiration) -6

Pradip Kumar Ray

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Willpower is an important part of life that helps to make important decisions in life as a result of proper practice. Every person who has success through strong mental strength and discipline is appreciated and respected. Self-conscience and willpower will help to acquired new abilities and successfully reached their stated goals by overcoming various hardships and sufferings. This self-consciousness and willpower are not only among successful people, these qualities are present in all of the people and can only be awakened through their regular practice and training. These two strengths can be learned and gradually improved, just as any other skill can be.

Now we need to know what these powers are – the forces in the mind that help people to actively make decisions and fulfill their desire to reach their goals, avoiding the obstacles of the outside world. It provides her with the ability to let go of her laziness, excitement, and cynicism and help her take the next step, no matter how difficult.

Discipline is another part of life that helps conserve energy. Discipline — It is the power by which the desire for immediate happiness and instant gratification can be overcome and reach the next goal. It can be clearly demonstrated by our ability to stick to one’s work, thought or use by self-improvement and success. It is also a pillar of success and strength. If a person think that he  is  very ordinary , then the quality of the material contained within him will not do him any good, and will lead him into a chaotic state which will withhold his passage downward. So you should never think of yourself as general.

But even if someone thinks that successful people are born with extraordinary talent and they do not have that talent, then there may be no shortage of talent. To illustrate this, below is a clue that is a crop of roses.

Strength (any strength – such as merit) = Talent x savings (time spent on perseverance, practice, knowledge and patience).

That is, the above formula implies that those who have less talent should spend more time on their savings and habits, and as a result, those whose talents are more capable of being equal and more capable. Reasoning, respect and self-confidence are the strength of mental strength.

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