How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Prerana Series-7

Prerana(Motivation & Inspiration) -7 Pradip Kumar Ray

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Every human mind has its own desires, goals and structures. But in many cases, we try to force ourselves on the desires,  goals and structures of the other mind, in which both minds face an unwanted situation. His rash never comes out and it never comes, it wanders in his mind. So it is unfair to try to impose on others your thoughts and feelings and it will help to keep the mind good and to remain steadfast in the goals.

If you want to enhance your energy then you have to work. Therefore, the tasks that are worthwhile, without wasting energy, should be spent behind them. If you are strong, you cannot give strength to others, so you have to try to fulfill your power.

Eighty-nine percent of the inspiration and two percent of sweating ability is needed to cover the discovery and improvement of personality. “Most people think they know what’s good,” said business guru Peter Drucker. They are usually wrong and the only thing a guy can do yet is through his power. “

Inside human beings, there is an infinite power to overcome disaster and all the purest people have the ability to carry out their duties. You should never feel helpless. You need to strengthen your self-confidence and think of yourself as a successful person. Even if you are not yet successful in life, one day or one day must be successful, for this I want determination and strong desire, the scene must always be on target and it will pierce the target.  

The new crop of new thoughts and hard work is the target. One of the biggest traits of successful people is forgiveness. If a person is inconsistent, stupid or selfish, they should still be forgiven. If you succeed in doing so, you will surely find some of your deceitful friends and strong enemies.

Discipline means self-control, self-sacrifice, avoidance of self-interest and temptation. The meaning of discipline is to keep focused on a specific goal.

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