How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Prerana Series-8 (Motivation & Inspiration) by Pradip Kumar Ray

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There can be no greater power than self-power. Those who have realized the power of the soul have possessed immense courage and power. This power helps the mind to succeed. A person who can always control himself will undoubtedly control his mind. If friends or loved ones make a mistake, they should not express arguments or anger. He must explain the mistake. If one is interested then he should be advised otherwise. Patience or tolerance should be increased as much as possible. The importance of patience is one of the main factors of success everywhere in the workplace.

Every human being must awaken the inherent power of the human mind. The various energies of this type are: Silence, Memory, Resolution, Consciousness, Endurance, Imagination, Self-Power, Encouragement etc. Bringing these powers to life will make it easier to achieve success in life. Stamina executives are long-lasting because the victory of “Sahyagun” is everywhere, which is hundreds of dollars.

One big fact is that each of us lives is unique and unique. Mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, son and daughter – each identity is important but beyond that we have a responsibility to ourselves. Parents are living their lives as their own, maybe there are problems, different problems in that life. It is natural for you to have the effect of your parents’ turmoil on your life, but do not let that effect consumes you.

Self-esteem is more than self-brlief. Thinking or thinking minds are not influenced or directed by anyone, they just need someone’s help. You know for yourself the extent of your knowledge and that is why no one else can force you to make a decision or refrain from free thinking.

It is important to remember that there is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Boasting is a big thing, boasting means the possibility of humiliating a person on the opposite side, and of course seeing your own wrong doing, forgetting to question yourself.

The French philosopher Voltaire said, “Although I completely disagree with your words, I will fight until I have the last blood point in my body so that you can say your words freely.” It is not possible to say this without the respect of everyone’s logic.

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