How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Prerana Series-10 (Motivation & Inspiration) by Pradip Kumar Ray

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He who listens to others, but he who hears the truth will be cut off. You will know that there is a man of such quality as the rogue in this world. The enemy is as friendly as he is. You have to be firm in your faith. Setting goals requires being realistic. Unrealistic goals remain imperfect, resulting in low self-esteem.

Be aware of your own work and adapt to all kinds of people. Don’t be arrogant or rude. In addition to being emotional, patient, efficient, you have to think of others. Without self-confidence, success does not come in life. No one is born with self-confidence.

To build the self-esteem you should try to regular practice and practice. In order to regain self-esteem, fear has to be overcome and completely alienated. Find out the reason for fear and then become active. Make a firm decision. You should sit on the first bench in the class. Do not sit in the back bench so that the vision is attracted. Do not sit in the back bench so that the vision is attracted. Speaking the eyes of another means you are honest, you are brave. You have faith in yourself you have confidence Follow a quick walk to build self-esteem. Raise your head, shoulders straight and walk fast. A strange self-confidence and confidence will build up in you.

There is no harm if you have not big plans to improve yourself, the resolve to touch the sky. In fact, I just want to practice it and if I can do it, it will produce results in the future. The Greek philosopher Aristotle said, “Regular habits create a temperament. By practicing conscientious qualities, not consciously acting as a machine, those qualities become part of the character. From that comes success, emotional satisfaction.” It is not possible to get up at night, and I want rules, dedication and hard work.

If you want to be successful in the competition, you need to start the preparation at the right time and put the plans in place. Then notice. Being on the leg is the real challenge. Time management is very important. You have to study and study, from which you can enjoy the pleasure of discovering, understanding, possessing the vast land that you have acquired. An important thing to study is to ask questions. The question starts with learning. Debate means talking to yourself about defeat and listening to your opponent’s mind. This quality is very useful in the field of education.

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