How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Series 15 (Prerana) PRERANA SERIES – 15 (Motivational & Inspirational) Author- Pradip Kumar Ray

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Planning and practice are preparation, and that is what builds confidence. Without preparation, the pressure on the mind will increase. Preparation only precedes competition. It is important to remember that competition is constantly increasing. With the same talent, the same abilities, you may find that your friend has succeeded. The question may come to your mind, what is your deficit? Analyzing it properly, you will find that your friend’s stubbornness, concentration and strenuous practice have kept him ahead of you. If you do not disappoint, if you do not give up, you will find that you have the same success as your friend one day.

Infinite power is lost in man, it is his own pursuit to awaken this power. You have to make an effort to reach your goals, so it is recommended that all your supplements conform to your life goals. I have to have full confidence in my own power and I have to imagine that I will achieve success. Assumption-based decisions are always abandoned. In order to be successful in any task, you need to know the best information about it. Knowledge and information are the source of energy. One will have to end all of his or her own activities within a strict discipline. Own decisions should be made by themselves, but the opinions of those who influence or influence those decisions must be taken. No decision should be taken until it is proved to be correct. Whenever starting work, it has to be done with the hope of getting good results and it is important to check that the work is progressing in the right way – the emotional stutter must be controlled.

Where can you find your talent? You can find it in your hobbies. You can be born with some natural gifts. You can find your talent in your skills acquired during education. It can be in the form of writing, lecturing, programming, designing, painting, singing or conducting or as an employee or customer. It can be home decorating or cooking. Sometimes we just ignore our talent because it seems like a simple thing to us.

As a homemaker, for example, you prepare food for your family. You know that you cook well and you like to do it, so you might ask yourself, “How can this be a talent? It’s my regular job and every housekeeper like me is doing it.” If someone asks you, what is your talent? Tell it proudly, “I can cook well.” If you admire your talent, you will open up a whole new dimension to developing it. You never know where it might take you in your life.

 Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton said, “With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, everything is attainable.” If you finish your studies and still do not know your talents, you are too late. You fool yourself, a third of your life has already been cut, so learn to recognize talent. “We need to improve ourselves by learning from different life experiences; If we stop improving ourselves, we will be stuck in the same place, so the one who improves himself will go on in life. ” “To give up means not always that you are very weak in nature, it means that you are strong and very intelligent and want to move forward before leaving them.”
“As long as you are others; If you feel responsible for your problems and difficult situations, you will not be able to overcome your problems and difficult situations at once. ” “It’s good to celebrate success, but failure has to be looked at” – Bill Gates

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