How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Prerana Series 24 , (Motivational & Inspirational) Author- Pradip Kumar Ray

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As I said before, you will forget later that the share will be thought of to help others. Now I am starting today’s topic.

The name of the resultant water source is ‘body’, and the resultant stream of thought is ‘mind’. If there is no discrimination, no energy is developed. When the opposite forces are in equilibrium, no energy is actually active. Combining one thought and one thought is creating a new thought. It’s like particle physics. Pushing with a Particle and a Particle is creating a new Particle. This process is continuous. They have no control. They have to handle it efficiently.

Dr. Amen made a short list of human minds or humanities. He divided his mentality into three parts. Those three are – 1) Negative mentality or 2) Positive mentality and 3) Self-interest. 1) Negative attitudes or instincts should not be considered small. Their instinct is immense. These instincts, like any war, work behind the destructive work of civilization. Revenge is an example of such instincts as outrage, greed, hatred, fear, jealousy, superstition. Imagination has a role to play in creating human character. Always have to think honestly and positively. At the beginning of any career, our focus should be on internal rewards. We should focus on learning, self-discovery and happiness. When you pursue your dreams inspired by internal rewards, external rewards will follow you as well. You get more than what you thought.
2) Positive mentality is what has civilized people and set them apart from other animals or animals. These auspicious positive sentiments also have destructive power, but their motivation is the key. Examples of such instincts are hope, trust, faith, love, affection, appreciation, service, cooperation. 3) Self-esteem instincts affect human behavior in ways that cannot be realized externally. Examples of such instincts are self-restraint, self-esteem, arrogance, lust, power.

Every human being has tension. If there are people, there will be turmoil. The tension of the mind starts when you want to drive her, she does not want to go or you do not let her go. The people who are in the midst of a completely unknowable and completely ignorant state are in various states of unrest. One must always try to raise the mind from the level of the senses to the level of intellect and art and finally to the spiritual level. David Frost said, “If you want it, don’t aim for success, just do what you love and believe, you will see it come naturally”.                                If life is not just a trip and a trip is not enjoyable, then reaching the destination will not be enjoyable at all. Your dreams or your goals or even your profession should be something that inspires you inside out. Then life will be fun and enjoyable. We all have at least one thing we like to do only for ourselves. It could be a play, writing or it could be a song. You write because you love it. Even though they do not bring us any external rewards, we do these things and appreciate the sincere enjoyment.

“Success introduces us to the world, but failure introduces us to the world.” Never be so available to anyone so that you forget your personal freedom. If you really want to be stress free in life, then you have to learn to say no today if you learn well to say this thing, then the stress on your 5% of your life will be completely reduced. Frankly, many people will get angry or hurt when they do not listen but in reality this kind of person is liked by everyone who can speak clearly

For all, especially for the college students, the workforce is compulsory which will inspire everyone to think. If you do not want to change yourself, you want to live with your own weaknesses and failures, and then there is no value in reading this article. If you think of these articles as just writing in the net, you will have no problem, but if you really want to give your life a complete, if not common, read and write, think deeply and start from this moment on.We all know the importance of inspiration in life everyone wants them to always be inspired, adherence to these inspiring judgments in real life can change the lives of any human being.

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