How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Prerana Series-48 , (Motivational & Inspirational), Author- Pradip Kumar Ray

How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Prerana Series-48 , Author- Pradip Kumar Ray

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As I said before, you will forget later that the share will be thought of to help others. Now I am starting today’s topic.

Time is nothing, until you’re using it.A creative man is motivated by himself, never to hurt anyone else to achieve the desired things. You have to remember that nothing is healthy in human life. So, as the motivation of Sri Ramakrishna is unnecessary, the suffering of misery is also unnecessary. When you can give your best, you don’t know what the extraordinary thing will happen to you. Learn to enjoy every moment of life. Don’t waste time thinking that someone outside will make you happy in the future. Imagine how expensive time is, no matter where you spend in your family or work. You should be careful about what you want because you can get it. Sachin Tendulkar, Bill Gates or you get the same hours a day. So never say I don’t have time in life. If the time limit is not set, I will avoid the act of being irresponsible. The time limit has to be clear and strict. Work fast according to this deadline. If the task is not completed within that time frame, analyze the reason. If you see that the time is over for laziness and excuses, then shame on yourself.

One thing must be remembered is that there is a difference between time and the teacher. The teacher takes the test after teaching and time teaches us after taking the test. “Waqt or teacher may thora sa fark hota hai, teacher teaching ke bad imathihan let hai aur waqt imatihan le kar shikata hai”.Don’t be disappointed. The English word ‘Fail’ means ‘First Attempt in Learning’ meaning ‘First Step’. Failure will lead you to success. The good student are those who asks questions. No one can learn without asking. Students have to be given a chance to ask questions. The end is not the end. The word ‘END’ means ‘Effort Never Dies’ meaning ‘No death of effort’. We don’t just build on success, we build on failure. A bad student can learn more from a bad teacher than a good teacher.

Swami Vivekananda said, “You will not think about who thinks about you. Let them think like them. You are determined to be your target, one day the world will come to your feet. Don’t make a big plan first. Start slowly first, then expand it. You will have faith in God. The power of the mind is like sunlight. You will be as you think you are. If you feel weak, you will gradually become weak, and if you think you are strong, you can build yourself stronger.

For all, especially for the college students, the workforce is compulsory which will inspire everyone to think. If you do not want to change yourself, you want to live with your own weaknesses and failures, and then there is no value in reading this article. If you think of these articles as just writing in the net, you will have no problem, but if you really want to give your life a complete, if not common, read and write, think deeply and start from this moment on. We all know the importance of inspiration in life everyone wants them to always be inspired, adherence to these inspiring judgments in real life can change the lives of any human being.

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