How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Prerana Series-62 (Motivational & Inspirational), Author- Pradip Kumar Ray

How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Prerana Series-62 (Motivational & Inspirational), Author- Pradip Kumar Ray

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As I said before, you will forget later that the share will be thought of to help others. Now I am starting today’s topic.

The dedication to the work, the honour and the creative combination comes from deep confidence and that brings success. I am referring to a famous story. Three ‘Rajmistris’ (People who are creating the building) were working to build a temple. It was asked to the first one that, what he is you doing. He replied, ‘What else will I do, I am arranging bricks after brick’? When asked the same question to the second person, he answers, ‘I am trying to earn Rs.300.00 for this day’. Finally, when the third person was asked the same question, he said, “I am building the most beautiful temple in the world.” Ten years after this incident, it was found that the first two ‘Rajmistris’ were still ‘Rajmistris’ but the third was no  -‘Rajmistri’ it was the supervisor who had been planning other buildings, building large buildings, bridges, etc., according to the design. In this case, the third -‘Rajmistri’ had a sense of self-respect. In fact, you have to think correctly and thoughts will make the necessary changes and improvements in your performance that will bring about your success. Work immediately brings success.

Exercise regularly to increase performance —– • Get down without worry.• Getting down to work will relieve all unnecessary fears and increase your confidence. • Always do the work now, not later. There is a saying in Hindi, ‘Tomorrow Nehi to today, today Nehi to ab’. • Instead of waiting for a completely favourable situation, adapt the situation to your own intellect, intellect, and mind and deal with it when problems arise. • Do the hard work mechanically. Don’t worry too much about trouble. It looks like the job is done quickly. • Not only if you plan, but you can turn it into work. • Never think about problems, think about solutions. • Have confidence in your own intellect and discretion. Doing what your conscience says by observing all aspects well. Be firm in your decision. • Don’t be afraid of people. Two people are a little different, but most people are just like you. • Take the opportunity to work more. You are being given additional or new responsibilities. • Do not rumour about anyone. Don’t listen to rumours. • Anyone who believes a secret will keep it secret but will not lie.

The greater the urge of human action, the less talk of that man will be because if he concentrates on the work, the rest of the world will become empty to him. The hilly river, whose speed is higher than the sound of its wind, because its volume is low, the water is pushed along the path and the sound of the rush is high; However, the larger the river, the greater its depth, the greater its volume, so the stone or barrier that obstructs the river’s path will cause it to float. Talk less work more. He who knows himself knows the whole world. It is the power of the human being. There is no short cut to hard work. When the cup of sin is full, you must go. No mama is better than mama. Don’t worry about the fruits. It is the thought of a human being that makes him. The end of the walk is the most beautiful and this is the end.

For all, especially for the college students, the workforce is compulsory which will inspire everyone to think. If you do not want to change yourself, you want to live with your own weaknesses and failures, and then there is no value in reading this article. If you think of these articles as just writing in the net, you will have no problem, but if you really want to give your life a complete, if not common, read and write, think deeply and start from this moment on. We all know the importance of inspiration in life everyone wants them to always be inspired; adherence to these inspiring judgments in real life can change the lives of any human being. If you like this post, please comment and let me know what you think. Your valuable comments help me immensely to add additional inspiration.

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