How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Prerana Series-66 (Motivational & Inspirational), Author- Pradip Kumar Ray

How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Prerana Series-66 (Motivational & Inspirational), Author- Pradip Kumar Ray

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As I said before, you will forget later that the share will be thought of to help others. Now I am starting today’s topic.

Many good students do not succeed in competitive exams, only due to a lack of proper planning. Before taking any exam, you need to know the test subject first. The last 3-5 years should be well looked at and questions should be taken from one exam to another. It is also necessary to know the total number required to pass the exam, it can be understood from the cut-off marks of the last few years. Identify the areas where you have weaknesses and seek to correct them. Confidence and exceptional planning will bring you success.

Timing is an important aspect of any competitive exam. Even if the students know all the answers to the exam, time cannot be answered in this way. If you answer the question in time, you should look at it from the beginning. If you look a little better you will see that almost all the tests come with two types of questions. Some are relatively simple, and some are questions that need deep knowledge to answer. And those who can answer these two questions correctly will only smile at the end of success and reach the desired goal. They have to help in the realization of their innate qualities, and only then will they develop their mind, develop their mind, and develop their intellect. At that moment he will set his own life goals and consider himself how to reach them. It will build self-confidence and will result in a solo career swimming pool and will be able to swim and swim across the river. Only then will you feel the satisfaction of success. One thing to keep in mind is that in all the countries, all the time, there are many obstacles in the fight to establish a life, not just alone. That is why young children should not be deprived of scholarship.

• There is nobody who has lost nothing, just got a lifetime – John Clark. • The world would not have improved much if the man had not imagined it – Marshall. • Change means progress. Progress is life. – Eat breakfast. • Two things you need to do to live well are intelligence and interest – JG Whittier. • If you love life, do not waste time because life is created by the sum of time. – Franklin. • Life is harder than death. Because death and suffering are the only things you have to suffer in life. – Socrates. • Our lives are based not on our desires but on our actions – Litha Goram. • The simple and healthy is the mind, which can accept all things big and small. – Samuel Johnson. • Life is too short. Do all your work in a timely manner. – George Arnold. • People’s happiness and hard work build their lives – Leo Tolstoy. • Life is a constant struggle to be what I am not and what we cannot do – William Hazlitt. • Some belief, no one does. He who believes does not verify truth and falsehood, neither does he who disbelieves. The question of belief and mistrust depends on the happiness of the people. -Manic Bondapadhyay. • A moment of glorious life is far more valuable than a big part of ordinary life – Scott. • ‘Time’ is the supreme deity, responsible for all destruction and creation. There is no other god or god in the world. – Schrodinger. • Life is in danger as long as there is a threat – Emerson.

For all, especially for the college students, the workforce is compulsory which will inspire everyone to think. If you do not want to change yourself, you want to live with your own weaknesses and failures, and then there is no value in reading this article. If you think of these articles as just writing in the net, you will have no problem, but if you really want to give your life a complete, if not common, read and write, think deeply and start from this moment on. We all know the importance of inspiration in life everyone wants them to always be inspired; adherence to these inspiring judgments in real life can change the lives of any human being. If you like this post, please comment and let me know what you think. Your valuable comments help me immensely to add additional inspiration.

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