‘Abagan korona’ i.e. don’t despise. He cannot be caught, yet his existence is always there. Pradip Kumar Ray

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‘Abagan korona’ i.e. don’t despise. He cannot be caught, yet his existence is always there. Pradip Kumar Ray

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I have seen many stories of him that I did not see in the eye. No one has seen him, but he is the cause of afraid. He cannot be caught, yet his existence is always there. He has no studies, no higher secondary examination. He doesn’t have a six-pack, he doesn’t even know how to dance, but he is a celebrity. His name is enough. He is a well-known name everywhere in the world, regardless of the village. She/he is still a little bit confessed to everyone and is looking for a way to get saved! Seeing all this and hearing, it seems that the god of this ‘Kali’ was actually born on November 7 th, 2019 in Wuhan, China’s Hubei province, to teach many more. To make people believe in the unseen and to emphasize the trivial and negligible things. In fact, the rest of the education seems to have been of this superior human civilization. When the Indians “greeted” with their hands open, the world smiled at them. When Indians washed their hands and feet and entered the house, the world would laugh at them. When Indians were doing ‘animal worship’, the world looked at them and smiled. When Indians were serving ‘trees and jungles’, the world was laughing. The Indians were smiling all over the world while doing ‘yoga’. When the Indians came from “Shashman-Hospital”, the world smiled. But now Indian ‘Namaste’ is favourite of the world, nobody is laughing at us. In fact, all the methods described in the Vedas are a living way of protecting the present and future generations.

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How lifeless is making death, even if you want your relatives to dare not touch! The dying man, who is dying, does not even hug him and cry! Blessings from far away, sympathizing and standing and crying on pigs! Sometimes people are just so alone! Business collapses all over the world, no matter how important the work is being cancelled or left behind indefinitely. But no one can beat him. Nobody has the courage to deal with it. Unbridled fear is just inside the head. Schools, colleges, offices, shops, markets are empty and people are being imprisoned which evolved the Panic and terror around the world. Now, what is the book raising the level of panic when someone gets stuck in a crowded bus? Well, when calling, this is the diagnosis of male vocal cough and female voice: Wash hands frequently, do not touch eyes or eyes, do you like it? Do you think I did not wash my hands? Or did I just rub my eyes and nose at work? Does coughing help to create panic? Are we washing our hands more and more nowadays? Do not forget to give a hand to the nose? If you keep your house as bright as you look, what do you think about around us? The fear is here. As a result, it happened once. Epidemic or pandemic is just a matter of moments.

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An 87-year-old Chinese man has died, who appealed to the hospital authorities to take him to an open place to show the sun in the afternoon! The authorities did the job properly. When the number of people in Italy is on the rise, people call each other deep into the night to talk, talk and sing loudly on the porch of the house. However, people! Infinite Maya towards life! A businessman from Spain dies at night after closing his shop and leaving everyone! Then the government declared a state of emergency in Spain! Out of four of an Iranian family, three-member died in Tehran City. What is the status of the one who is left! After the death of Kuwait, a dead man tied to a rope is pressing the ground. The miraculous power is, in fact, an anonymous, unseen, trivial and trivial thing. In fact, how helpless people are today even before the twenty-first century, it has existed before, now exists, and in the future. It is not created, it is not destroyed. Only occasionally its own evolution is manifested, and after a few days, it returns to its position. Just as now people are waiting for the heat to return that trivial and trivial thing to its position, and people can reappear in an unwanted manner.

Image Credit ; PIXABAY.COM

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