My Other Writings

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1. Inspiration to Student & Umemployed Youth

2.The Life – The ray of knowledge enters the human heart when the desire and hope are not fulfilled.

3.‘Mahaprasad’- What is Mahaprasad? How did Mahaprasad of Sri Sri Sri Jagannath Dev come to earth ?

4. Story of Muni Gautam, Devi Ahalya &  Devraj  Indra

5. How to improve your Motivational and Inspirational Skill

6. Bhishma(‘Pitamaha’) – The Most Influential and Powerful Character of Mahabharata

7. Identify the people who are the most lovable and respectful to you.

8. Indian Bengali Talented Novelist & Short Story Writer # Prativa Basu

9. Radha-Ballav Temple – A travel trip to an unpopular but huge historical interested divine place.

10. The Impure Mind is the Root Cause of all Diseases.

11. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. One should not lost its Inner appetite .

12. Kamalakanta Kalibari, Bardhaman : A spot with historical interest to travel .

13. Protecting and reforming is tougher than exposing and expelling!

14. Don’t losses hope with your failure because ‘Success’ comes after ‘Failure’

15.Maa SarbaMangala Temple – An Unpopular but Nice and Historical Place of interest at Bardhhaman

16. You are a fighter – fight, fight and fight again,Don’t lose your hope

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