Lesson from “Corona”

Lesson from “Corona” —— The first step in combating future attacks on the health system is to focus on biotechnology engineering. —— Shri Pradeep Kumar Roy.

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Do you remember King ‘Parikhshit’? He knew his death in advance. The story was that a sage son cursed him that within seven days, he would die of bite of the snake. So he imprisoned himself for seven days. He died despite severe security. Do you know the reason? He violated the rules of isolation by believing the strangers’ saints. ‘Takshak Naga’ was hidden in the fruit which were brought by those stranger saints. Can you find any similarity with yourself? We too are struggling to save our lives against an invisible enemy by becoming a prisoner. We’re going to be like king ‘Parikhshit’ by breaking the quarantine rules. Who can tell that the person you know wants to come in contact with you is not a Corona infected one? The King ‘Parikhshit’ had seven days’ time in his hand. We have 14 days’ time in our hands. The ‘Corona’ will strive to reach out to us as a neighbour or as a friend like ‘Takshak ‘. So keep the door closed for these 14 days. Remember that ‘Corona’ does not come in the form of its own; it will come in the form of a human being. The victory will be ours if you remain isolated from the community during the period of the coming 14 days only.

Awareness and discipline remain constant. Let’s break the virus chain. Increase your physical distance with your relatives, neighbours, and community. Let go of the emotional distance with them. Let’s get out of this time. Stay away, actually, to be with people, otherwise, people will be in great danger! All of us, including our country and our people all over the world, should be at this moment of disaster. The best way is to not get out of the house if it is not too urgent. Stay at home, for the sake of yourself and your family, and above all for the welfare of the people. Save yourself and help others to survive. China did not know what a “Corona” stand might be. That’s why China has to pay a lot of prices. Italy thought China was far away, nothing would happen here. America thought that they are powerful, so there no one to stop them.

The flu epidemic happened in a poor country a long time ago. The country was occupied by robbers for many years, having been released only a few days ago. They had neither doctors, nor medicine, nor hospitals. Every day people are dying, old and young, young and children, nobody is leaving. The leader of that country sought medical help from doctors and nurses in all countries of Europe and America. The Europeans did not respond. In Latin America, two countries have, in effect, lent a helping hand. By ignoring the bloodshed of the great almighty neighbour countries, proceeded with the highest investment in the education and health sector. Soon the country was freed from the curse of illiteracy, hundreds of doctor nurses jumped into service. Then the leader of that country decided that modern technology should be mastered – saving people, not killing people. Ignoring all obstacles, the country made great strides in biotechnology and genetics. The meningitis vaccine was discovered. They were very successful in the treatment of lung cancer and in case of virology; they also invented interferon-alpha 2b. At present, new leaders have taken hold of that country but the policy has not changed. Now, there was the outbreak of the coronavirus worldwide. That small country has now come forward with doctors, nurses, drugs, Kits when the world’s most powerful and wealthiest countries are looking for ways to survive. Europe that has never looked back in their epidemic, Europe is now counting down the days in hopes of medicine from this small country. This small country could do huge business if it patented drugs, but didn’t. Human health is not a business field – it is their policy. The name of this country is Cuba and the leader is Fidel Castro.

Currently, our country or state should make great strides in biotechnology and genetics, like Cuba or any other country, to make vaccines to prevent an epidemic or to make an unknown disease or to make a diagnostic kit or instrument to diagnose a disease. This ‘Cobid-19″ gives a lesson to us that it is practically impossible and very difficult for the prevention of epidemics or germs by a doctor, nurse or advanced health care system unless appropriate vaccines, kits or infectious diagnostics, medicines, etc. are available. Therefore, students and teachers from all these disciplines should be encouraged and motivated to undertake various research activities in an attempt to improve biotechnology, genetics and so on. Where doctors are helpless, they are able to devote themselves to human work and provide appropriate vaccines, kits or infectious diagnostics, medicines, etc. to the whole world. At present, a biotechnology engineering course comprising all the topics of Bio-Chemistry, Bio Physics, Bio-Medical, Environment Science, Food Technology, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, etc. is very much needed for the student of our country, as it can now move our country forward faster. Right now, all the focus should be on biotechnology engineering, regardless of the ancient Ayurveda system or the reliance on homeopathy medicines or the traditional allopathic diagnostics system, so that we can move our country forward very quickly and give the world the right path. In this context, it should be remembered that only a few nominal institutes in our country have the highest education in biotechnology engineering. In traditional disciplines such as BSc, MSc, etc., biotechnology is taught in many institutes, but only the principle is given priority but the aspect of the application is in the dark. So, the focus should be on teaching higher education in biotechnology engineering and the number of students who have studied or are still doing so should be monitored, so that, they can develop their knowledge and eventually work for the welfare of the people of the society, the state, and the world. They can utilize their education and energy by inventing medicines, health kits, vaccines, etc through their inventions. An inventer or a researcher will come to the well-being of many more people through their invention than what millions of doctors will do.

People recognize the right way when they are suffering. I understand the importance of light because there is an existence of dark. Likewise, floating in the stream of happiness, we lose track of the path. Sometimes grief comes and leads us the right way. At this point, we need to make the right decision so that we do not have to fall into this unbearable situation again. After consecutive eight days of duty (24×8), a doctor from Delhi has come to visit his family. He has a very short time at hand, as the crowd at the hospital is gradually widening. So, sitting outside the house and having tea, he met the family, fearing an infection didn’t even go to them. Many thanks to doctors like you who are treating corona infected patients but they are very helpless because they do not know about the antidote or the medicine. They are trying to treat it simply by combining conventional drugs as a cure, and as a result, some may be healed, but no one can guarantee that the disease could have been prevented by the effects of the drug, or that the immune systems of that patient could have prevented the disease. Those who are just private chamber’s doctor (most notably the village and municipal city doctors) are now shutting down their chamber for fear of coronavirus and calling for medical treatment in the hospital, saying that they are now at home quarantine. Please do not compare God or the soldier with the doctor. It insults God or soldiers. I want to tell the doctors and bureaucrats who set the policies that you now understand how helpless the doctors are today, even before the 21st century unless a researcher invents diagnostic kits, instruments, anti-vaccines or medicines and hand them over! So, if we make this fact that we do not see the future, then we must build the future immediately by the right steps of the present and the first step in that process is to focus on higher education in such areas as biotechnology engineering.

Without discussing or arguing about this matter or just looking at the current needs of the world in view of the current situation in the world, I have highlighted this matter to all the State Governments, Central Government and our countrymen. All responsibility for this writing is mine and this article is not intended to be important or important to anyone or to criticize, it is merely my own opinion. Finally, I would say that all things and all sections are important, but some of the issues became more important in terms of the needs of society (Demand of the Situation).

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