Opposite action due to corona

Shri Pradip Kumar Ray.

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Corona arrives and points the difference between the real educated and the uneducated. When shopping mall’s food zones, e-commerce companies are not providing foodstuffs due to fear of death and lack of manpower, then the local grocery shops in the neighbourhood are distributing the household grocery food material like “Ghoton”. He is not a so-called highly educated man, but prudent, allocating two kilos of potatoes, a packet of milk per house, because everyone needs it now. The son of bureaucrat mother after back from Oxford is now putting everyone in danger. Outside the popular way, her rival mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are fighting shoulder-to-shoulder. They are now warriors to save lives so that if life exists then the conflict will survive. That’s the coroner’s miracle. The child now eating “nim begun”, raw banana peas, bronze peas,  everything is nectar now. Pizza, burger-loving generation is now teaching by Corona to the needs of food to survive. Those arrogant parents and mothers teach that this time, my child does not eat food without such a brand, without going to such restaurants, for them harsh teaching of the corona. No matter how important the homework sister is, her leave, her health, how much we think or know about rest, she got a vacation and got rest at the mercy of the coroner. My son “Babu” can’t do anything, my princess is born like gold, if she works, her hands will be lost. Is she a wax doll? “Babu” is sweeping the house and the princess is now cleaning the utensils and all these are Coroner’s hard lessons for them.

Today, many politicians realize that playing the war with nuclear bombs, MiGs or Raphael aircraft is a very straightforward task, but it is a very difficult task to save lives! Without proof of citizenship, people across the country today responded to the call of the Prime Minister by performing their citizenship duties. Many prison inmates are busy making millions of masks for outsiders! Today, all year long, leaders of the self-quarantine, real leaders are led by people! Instead of hate, love is reigning around! Death is cruel; there is nothing better than life! So today the world looks very strange! The next world of COVID-19 will be a new world for the people who win this war!

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The chicken lays eggs. The price of an egg is only eight / ten bucks. But with the eggs, she shouted ‘Kok Kok’ and informed the whole house that she had delivered ‘eggs’. But look at the oyster. Lakhs of cores of pearls remain silent and silent. Do you want to be as expensive as an oyster? Then it is my special request that stops showing people donations because those whom you are feeding are victims of the situation, not the beggar! Please do not be ashamed of them by taking pictures. Human beings donate a little, present themselves as a donor! Man lives without knowing death, in such a way that he will never die! But death has come and the man then collapsed as if he never knew his death was certain, and death never comes! The people are always not ready for death. We humans do not think how clever they are! In fact, there is probably no other animal as stupid as us because we are the best creatures in the world, but we are the biggest fools. A tiny virus is changing the whole world. It is changing our mind-set, our way of life. On the one hand, the whole world stands below the border, united under the sky, united against the unknown opponent. Then the housemates will be able to handle the initial push towards the neighbour. Think about the relatives, friends, neighbours, before playing around with the surrounding environment. In a new world, people will be revamped the broken economies and the stagnant industries which radically changed their lives.

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The golden-light line of the new earth may be seen crossing the dust-smoke-darkness! The whole world is in lockdown, looking down at the virus with its blue down. We have made all the arrangements to go to Mars and live, how powerful we are, but how powerless! During this time we maintain physical distance, but mental distance can be removed. The virus has taught us, we humans – this is our true identity. We are all one like women, men, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Atheists, small, big, rich, poor, white, black, brown, yellow, French, Chinese, Syrian, Indian, Arab, Dutch and the fence we have given in the country is now very meaningless.

Someone will be hit on the ground, some on fire, and some on an electronics heater, so that the lifeless body will be burned! There will be no one around them for whom they put their Labour Day and night! They will also not be around them those who sit at a plate and have food! Here all your arrogance, anger, pride, jealousy, greed, lust, and all of your body parts will be burning! This body will be burned in coal and there will be nothing but the black ash of this coal! In the midst of that ash, there will be no millionaires, doctors, engineers, masters, labour, labourers, peasants, upper-caste, lower-caste, who’s wealthy, or poor and this is the eternal truth that one day everyone must be on this path!

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