Work is never small, our thoughts are small.How to Improve Your Motivational Skill.

Work is never small, our thoughts are small.How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Prerana Series-99 (Motivational & Inspirational),Author- Pradip Kumar Ray.

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As I said before, you will forget later that the share will be thought of to help others. Now I am starting today’s topic.

No work is ever short; to tell the truth- our thoughts are small! The idea of ​​changing yourself is better than not retaliating against anyone. It doesn’t matter if others misunderstand you, but you do nothing wrong. The fire of vengeance burns less on others, more on itself. The fire of vengeance is like a torch that has to be washed away before others are destroyed. That is why it is wise to stop burning as quickly as possible in the cold water of tolerance. The idea of ​​revenge is not just your time; it also damages your health. So, of course, try not to get revenge but to change yourself. It is not talent or luck, but the difference between successful and unsuccessful people in life.

If you want to be happy, then refrain from hurting others because every action of Edge has the same and opposite reaction. So if you grieve someone today, that grief will come to your life tomorrow. Release the desire to receive extra love from other people. Because there is no real love in this world of untruth, it is a world of self-interest, so if there is a shortage of self-interest, anyone will regret you at any time. This is an eternal world. In fact, no one here is your eternal companion, no one in this world has always been with you before, neither will there be in the future, we have come together for a temporary time to perform in this stage called earth, so accept this simple fact and take someone in this world forever. Don’t want to live; anyone can leave you alone at any time. You admit it is a world of misery. And accept it and engage yourself in the service of others to relieve suffering.

What if the character is not right? What happens to a higher degree if there is no knowledge in the heart? What happens to the resource if it does not take service? What if you got everything on earth? Patience with all the people of the family is love, patience with other people in the society is honoured, patience with self is confidence and patience with God is faith. Fate is like rainwater, and hard work is like well water, it is easy to bathe in rainwater, but we cannot depend on rainwater every day, just as we get a lot of luck very easily, but always on luck. Can’t depend on Too much attachment to anything creates problems. Many people forget the difference between right and wrong because of logic. Moha (want) is regarded as a symbol of intimacy. Involvement means that it does not allow a person to move forward, bound. An impatient person cannot use his intellect properly. If the person does not make progress, there will be no success in the work.

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