When our morale plummets in the face of adversity in life, new energy is created in the mind.[How to Improve Your Motivational Skill

When our morale plummets in the face of adversity in life, new energy is created in the mind.[How to Improve Your Motivational Skill, Series-102 (Prerana)],Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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Sometimes in the course of life, we ​​get tired. I don’t think I can go any further. Then I feel mentally weak. When our morale plummets in the face of adversity in life, we have to keep in mind the last word of our journey. Then new energy is created in the mind and with that energy, one can move forward on the path of life. We live in people and society. We have to go with everyone. There is no guarantee that we will always be on the right path in life. Sometimes our path stops. But with the advice and words of the wise men in mind, new motivation and enthusiasm come along the way. We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Every human being wants to be always inspired. If these inspirational judgments are followed properly in real life, the life of any human being can change effortlessly. His life is as a man thinks. The day he starts with a positive thought, his day also gives him some gifts, and whoever starts his day with a negative thought, but his day also ends in a negative.

There is also an evolution of ideals & ideas. Man’s idea of ​​the ideal did not find a constant in a single day. Foresight, far-sightedness, past experience, history, experimentation and the pursuit of a better life have always given new definitions to the ideal. Today’s society is the owner of this whole history, the partner of the whole tradition. Today’s people, when they sit down to think about what their ideal is, all the possible ideals & ideas come to the fore. Does the artist wonder what will be the ideal of his art creation? Which ideology will sacrifice life energy? Does the teacher think that the students will make an ideal? Does the author think to write a standard? And the general wonders are the ideal of survival. Maybe for ages, he has been trying to improve in this way with the help of ideals, but Swamiji came and showed and taught that this improvement is the applied form of Vedanta used. In this way Vedanta can be used more – there was a method but the name of the method was unknown to us.

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Religion is to walk on the path of growth while enjoying life. Yet it was not understood how much religion! Where is the difference between religion and science? When science helps our life and growth, it is religion, but when it destroys life-growth, it is ungodliness. Excessive attachment to anything also creates problems. Because of the attachment, many people forget the difference between right and wrong. Moha is considered a symbol of inertia. Inertia means it does not allow any person to move forward, it binds. A person who is fascinated is not able to use his intellect properly. If the person does not make progress, there will be no success in the work. In the epic “Mahabharata”, Dhritarashtra was very attracted to Duryodhana and Hastinapur recitation. This is why Dhritarashtra was also silent for the irrational deeds committed by his son Duryodhana. Because of this fascination, the Kaurava dynasty was destroyed.

Fate is like rainwater, and hard work is like well water. Bathing in rainwater is easy, but we can’t depend on rainwater every day, just like luck we get a lot of things very easily, but we always depend on luck. We can’t depend. That is why Lord Krishna has said in the Gita: -“Karmanyeb Adhikaraste Maa Falesu Kdachana”, which means “Do your duty but don’t expect anything from that”. We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants them to always be inspired. Adherence to these inspiring judgments in real life can change the lives of any human being.

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