Human life is governed by the will, not by intellect.[How to Improve Your Motivational Skills, Prerana Series-105 ]

Human life is governed by the will, not by intellect. [(How to Improve Your Motivational Skills, Series-105 (Prerana)], Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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Body or sensual pleasures do not bring proper welfare to human life. We need to figure out how we can live in this world without being overwhelmed by any kind of misery and misfortune that will come to every human life in one way or another. We need to accumulate the knowledge that we can accept death without the slightest fear and attain perfection in this life to live a selfless and holy life. We need to be aware of the power that lies within us and how great and glorious it is. We need to establish true brotherhood based on sincere and selfless love. In fact, intellect, desire, determination are all forms of the mind. Good luck depends largely on their combined efforts.

Even if the intellect has a great deal of strategy in a great matter, no great work is possible without the connection of sincere goodwill. Again, when a destructive act is seen, that destruction also has a very clever strategy of intellect, but it is also associated with evil desires. Intelligence is just a way to walk the path. When people are in danger, the intellect points the way. But human life is governed by the will, not by intellect. If a student does well in the exam, then we say that the student is very intelligent, but if he does not have goodwill, then he will use his sharp intellect to harm himself and the society.

People are like candles. And the burning fire of the candle is the life of man. Every drop of candle melting is the human day. This is constantly coming to an end. Just as the whole candle fades away with the passage of time, so does the life of a human being go away one day at a time. It is often seen that the whole candle can be extinguished in half when it is half-blown. The only difference is that a candle extinguished in a gust of wind can be re-lit, but once the lamp of human life is extinguished, it can never be re-lit. So let us, before the lamp of life goes out, the best and simplest worship of this human life which is a concerted effort to establish world brotherhood by sincere and selfless love.

We all know the importance of inspiration in life May every human being always be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change the life of any human being effortless.

HOW TO IMPROVE MOTIVATIONAL SKILL / कैसे प्रेरक कौशल में सुधार कर सकते है

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