If you do wrong, you will have to suffer the punishment, only you will not understand that this is your punishment for which work.

How to Improve Your Motivational Skills, Series-106 (Prerana), Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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If you ever feel hurt, what does it feel like at that moment; realize for yourself, if a person is hurt in the heart, then there is anger towards that person and the fire of revenge burns in the mind? Isn’t that true? But if we keep the mind calm without giving birth to a fire pit in the mind at that time, isn’t that a good way? Do we all believe that we will get results based on our deeds? If a person causes you anger for any reason or the flame of fire is placed in your heart because of it, at that very moment, you must try to keep your mind calm. Patience is a virtue that is not present in everyone. If someone insults you with harsh words, the person’s face will be damaged, his sin will increase, and if you try to handle the situation with patience, you will get the best result. The only way people in the world will judge people is to judge them, and if you do wrong, you will have to suffer the punishment, only you will not understand that this is your punishment for any deed.

No matter how good advice you give in life, as long as you do not apply the knowledge gained from it all in your own life, it is of no value! The knowledge that cannot stop you from doing bad deeds today will not save you from the punishment of destiny in the last four. We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Following these inspirational judgments in real life would change the life of any human being effortless. It can be said that the ideal is like a model seeing that, they are trying to build a life. Following the historical order, we first find the ideal – idealism. Idealism – it is the oldest and the oldest. It is not possible to change it in the Vedas. Education is the idealism of knowing oneself.

In this world, living beings act with different kinds of inanimate desires. But he is forced to enjoy the fruits of his deeds. According to that action, he has to repeatedly hold an inanimate body. In a new body, he does new deeds and in order to enjoy the fruits of those deeds, he has to be born again and this will be continues. Such a closed state is called a bond of action. Which can be obtained in a short time but transient and ultimately tragic is called dear. That which is subject to hard work, but lasting and pleasurable, is called superior. The best in our lives are or should be. The desire for the satisfaction of one’s senses is called work. The desire for the provision of the love of Lord Krishna is called love. There is pure ‘Bhagavat’ love in the heart of the living being. When the living entity falls into the inanimate world, his pure devotional love becomes perverted lust.

Kekule was a chemist. He was returning home one evening, exhausted from the atomic thought of chemistry when suddenly the dancing of the astronomical atoms appeared in his sight. This is called philosophy. Such is the philosophy of the yogi. The dance-philosophy of the atom of the scientist and seer Kekule is a memorable event in the modern world of science; because, of this, he expressed Benzene’s theory of structure. “(Source: – ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica’, pp. 717-18, Vol.15, 1911 Ed.)

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