It may be a little difficult to walk the right path, but one day the victory will be yours. How to Improve Your Motivational Skills, Series-107 (Prerana)

It may be a little difficult to walk the right path, but one day the victory will be yours. How to Improve Your Motivational Skills, Series-107 (Prerana),Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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What if the character is not right with the beautiful look? What will happen with a higher degree if there is no knowledge of Gita in the heart? What will happen with the resources if it does not serve the people? What will happen if you get everything in the world? If not, people? So, from now on all the black darkness of our hearts should be illuminated by the divine light of the ‘Sanatan’. The path of truth, humanity, kindness, and love is the path that can stand by people. The evil path is dark, and in the darkness, one’s own shadow is not there. So walk in the way of righteousness, speak the truth, and do good people will always be by your side. It may be a little difficult to walk the right path, but one day the victory will be yours.

The water became friendly with the milk and merged with the milk, leaving its own form. Seeing this, Dudh(Milk) said to Jal (water), “The way you left your form just because of friendship and joined me, I will also keep our friendship; from today you will also be sold at my price?” So when the milk is boiled, the water says, this is my turn to celebrate friendship, so I will die before you! So the water runs out earlier, when the milk sees his friend the water die like this, the milk boils and tries to extinguish the fire, but when a drop of water is sprinkled and mixed with the boiling milk of his friend, the milk calms down again! But a drop of acid can separate the intimate friendship of that water and milk! So never let “acidity” come in the middle of friendship because a little acid can catch a deep friendship!

It doesn’t matter who owns how many cores of rupees, how many cars they have, how many palaces they have, and life is one . Then what arrogance! Just think about how much time you have spent happily, and how much you have been able to distribute to happy people. “Blasphemy” belongs to the one who is alive, because after death he is glorified. The story is a little big but it is real. Just as not all flowers are used for worship, not all money is used for the service of God. Many flowers bloom on the tree, some of its flowers go to the crematorium with dead people, some flowers dry up and fall on the tree, and some flowers become beautiful garlands, and go to the neck of God. After a flower blooms cannot say where it will be.

A person who is virtuous and refined is like a lotus blossoming in the mud! That spreads its fragrance around! On the other hand, unreformed people are like the thorns of a rose, who do bad things even in such a beautiful society! Because people need to be known and understood not by their religion and race, but by their actions and character! No matter how high a crow sits on a hill, it will never become a kite! How great such a man is, it determines his quality, reform, and character! We must identify the wicked by their actions and character! Not seeing their religion and race!

We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.

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