Sometimes we get upset in the current situation, but in the future we are going to gain something for this situation that is invaluable.

(How to Improve Your Motivational Skills, Series-108 (Prerana)],Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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Every day new sunlight comes to the fore with new hope. So hope cannot be lost. Decay is not the only truth. There is much more to hope for. The people of the future will give strength to this hope; One day it will fill the world with new forms, new thoughts, real human beings enlivened in true humanity. For this we want the awakening of humanity. I want a real religious education for this awakening. Through which we can develop our own humanity and through it, we can build a real human society. Newborns are our future direction to build this ideal society of the future. If we can educate them through proper religious education, this polluted world will become a pure and healthy world. And in order to give proper direction to this generation, adults have to take appropriate roles now.

I have seen discipline in ants, one who does not overtake another. One I have seen in crows, 100 who appear immediately when one is in danger, I have seen fidelity in dogs, who can give their lives for their masters. I have seen clarity in pigeons, who in their simple minds believe in a stranger for a short time. I have seen hard work in horses, who run with their masters for hours without any protest. I have seen similarities between bees, who collect honey together. But I have seen envy, anger, rage, arrogance, cruelty, the best creatures of creation in some people!

One day a finger of a king’s hand was cut off, then the king said to his minister, look, today suddenly my finger has been cut off. On hearing this, the minister said, “Don’t be sad. God does what He does for good.” The king thought that he would cut off my finger and show sympathy, but he said that God does what He does for good. He immediately told his other ministers to send this minister to jail now. And then the minister was imprisoned. A few days later, the king went into the forest to hunt and suddenly saw a deer in front of him and started running after it. But he could not hunt deer. He also lost his way and sat under a tree.

Meanwhile, a perfect human sacrifice is offered every year in that kingdom and that is the order of the king of this kingdom. But the perfect man could not be found. Suddenly they saw the king and took him away. The king said, “Why are you taking me away? I am a king. Leave me alone.” However, the next day the king will be sacrificed, so when everyone grabbed him and put him in the bath, he saw that he did not have a finger. Since he did not have a finger, he was not sacrificed. Was released. The king then came to the country and left the minister and said, “Your words are exactly what God does.” But then why are you imprisoned? Did God do it well? The minister said yes, God has done it well. If I hadn’t been in jail today, I would have gone with you and made sure to sacrifice myself.

 But sometimes depending on the current situation we wonder why this is happening to me, but we don’t think that maybe in the future we are going to gain something for this situation that is invaluable.We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.

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