Man’s nature, his behavior, and his actions are his real identity.

(How to Improve Your Motivational Skills, Series-109 (Prerana)],Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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Never think of anyone as small in life, remember, the grass under the feet is worshiped, not the palm tree above the head. The end of all collections is destruction, the end of worldly progress is fall, the end of the connection is subtraction, and the end of life is death. How to get happiness from the subtraction, not to have happiness and sorrow, to come and go in this thought.

Why is the body destroyed after death? In reality, man’s identity is not connected with the body, nor is the basis of the relationship with his body. Man’s nature, his behaviour, and his actions are his real identity. He has to understand how these dispositions, behaviours, and actions are created. Human life is only a combination of visible and invisible matter. But even so, the nature and actions of every human being prove to be different because of the three qualities ‘Tama’, ‘Raja’, and ‘Satya’ (Truth) of creation. The word that means darkness, living a life without good and evil judgment is called tamasic behaviour which is ‘Tama’ and that is the way by which animals are surviving. The expression of the knowledge of the word (Satya) truth only for the fulfilment of bodily desires is called natural life when the person uses it in every situation judging the truth and tradition of religion. Between these two there is a kind of person who has knowledge but is also bound by the desires of the body and mind, such a person lives with Raja gun (Raja) i.e. arrogant mind. Human nature is formed by more or less similarity of the raja or true quality.

The love, affection, and affection that people have for human beings in today’s world are very artificial. There is no sincerity in it; there is only hypocrisy and selfishness. This love is only for one’s own self-interest. At present the chariot of this world is running on a fuel called lies and deceit. Those who are riding in this chariot cannot be called real people. The present human society is being dusted for their hypocrisy. To rise from this dusty state we need real affection and love, by which we can win the hearts of the people of this world. In order for a person to become a real person, it is necessary to change one’s thinking. The person who sees all the people in the world as his friends, brothers, fathers, and women as his sisters, mothers, is the real person. But now most of them are selfish. That is why people are now declining. No matter how much we improve in education, knowledge, and science, this improvement is of no value if we cannot become real people.

The appearance of this world is very beautiful, but its internal form is very complex. Many times like a confusing mirage. People are like the world. They confuse others with false temptations in order to fulfil their own interests, lusts, and desires. This is not humanity. This is a matter of great regret. If we can’t change our mind-set in time, our downfall is certain. If we want to rise from this fall, we have to improve our inner soul. We need to awaken a sense of world brotherhood by sacrificing selfishness. Only then wills our liberation, or our human rights, be in vain.

Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.

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