Just as there is no identity of a sea without water, so there is no identity of a man without humanity.

(How to Improve Your Motivational Skills, Series-110 (Prerana) Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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We want to bring back our lost sense of humanity and character. It is a matter of regret that today in different countries of the world, communal discrimination has turned into abhorrent barbarism in the treatment of people. It is stigmatizing civilization and culture. Humanity is being trampled. Those who deny humanity and are responsible only for the irrational rituals and beliefs of a religion are fundamentalists. In some countries, fundamentalists are making blind followers intolerant of other religions. At the instigation of fundamentalists, sectarianism and religious hatred have recently taken a violent turn in various countries. Human beings without humanity are like the sea without water. Just as there is no identity of a sea without water, so there is no identity of a man without humanity. Humanity is the subject of our hearts. And we want a sincere desire to awaken this inner matter. To build this humanity we need mental strength, the conviction of heart, which will help us to move forward on the path of progress and fight against various dangers. Only by winning this struggle can we become real people.

From ‘Mahabharata’ – ‘Arjuna’: Man works for his child, will not expect happiness from his child? Krishna: Is what a person does for his child’s business or love? ‘Arjuna’: Love! Krishna: Then why expect fruit for one’s deeds? Profits in the future are seen in business, not in love. A man who builds his child’s character properly loves his children, and reforms his religion; his children must also give him love and protection. The actions of the children, the actions of the gentlemen are their actions. And when we have no right to their actions, is it necessary to have hope in them? If you think deeply, you will soon realize that there is no work in life with which hope and aspiration are inevitable. When creation is ‘Paramatma’ and man is a part of this ‘Paramatma’, and then all actions are done by this ‘Paramatma’. Man himself does nothing. This is the main decision of ‘Karmayog’. You also have to be active and take part in this war. Leave three ‘Guna’ and become ‘Nirguna’. Get rid of this guilt. Always continue to perform your duties by applying intellect to ‘Satvatya’ i.e. ‘Paramatma’. Give up the hope of gaining something and the desire to save something, and set your soul free.

Some of the most important sayings for managing life, all taken from the Mahabharata – If people are more afraid of an event, then it is a defeat. And the person who loses everything and stays calm and focused is the winner. -Yadavasreshtha Lord Sri Krishna) Religion can be advised, orders cannot be given at all. Everyone has to confirm their own religion. – (Bed diameter) An object that can be easily obtained does not have human value. — (Bidur) You have to make friends with those who are enemies of the enemy. Where the ball does not work, deception must be applied – (Shukuni)

People pray to God whenever there is a bad situation in their life. He prays to God for deliverance from the situation. But what is the reality of this prayer? Have we ever considered that? Prayer means putting all your desires, all your thoughts, all your intentions, all your plans at God’s feet. That is to do similar deeds of religion without thinking about what will be the result of one’s own Carmel. Accepting God’s plan as destiny is prayer, isn’t it? But is it possible to understand all of God’s plans? Those plans are always revealed as a result of our actions. But if one gives up everything, is that real prayer? In fact, real prayer is not to be fascinated by life and fruit. The prayer that stands in the way of action, does not allow people to act, is it prayer or defeat? You have to Judge for yourself.

Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.


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