Some dangers, only the means of liberation. (How to Improve Your Motivational Skills.

Series-113 (Prerana),Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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The whole responsibility for the upbringing of the child lies with the parents as a result of the taste that the tree gives them. , By whose actions this world will be known to you in the future. What could be more important than trying to make their future happiness? But happiness and security do not come from human actions? Isn’t the good or bad reforms given by parents or the education given to them by qualified or unqualified SB the root of all actions today?

Reform and education create a human character, that is, parents build their own character as their children build their future, but still more and more parents forget about their character building in the thought of securing their child’s future. They do not benefit their children by thinking about their future. Isn’t the good or bad reforms given by parents or the education given to them by qualified or unqualified SB the root of all actions today?

Honesty is also a story of patience. There were two fish in a pond. During the rainy season, they moved to land with the flow of water. Their family was living happily. A few days later the water went down. The fish was trapped inside the two lands. They did not understand the impending danger. The wife said to the fish- Alas, what will happen to us now? We will die due to lack of water. The husband said to the fish, “Don’t despair of God’s grace, he has determined how we will die.” Rely on him; meanwhile, a shepherd came to cut the grass. Seeing the two fish, he grabbed them and brought them. He gave it to his mother to cook. The shepherd’s mother sat in the backyard and brought a pot to catch fish. This time the wife cried and said- what will happen next? Even now our body will be cut into pieces. The husband said the same thing to the fish again, be patient, meanwhile the shepherd’s mother could not catch the slippery fish and went home to fetch the ashes, just then an eagle came and grabbed the two fish.

Now the wife was more afraid of the fish and said- who will save us this time? The husband said to the fish, “God will save us from so many dangers.” Don’t lose faith then, as the eagle was walking towards the huge tree by the river, another eagle came and started fighting for the fish, and then in the middle of the huge river, the two fish fell from the bird’s feet. Thus they came from a small pond into a huge river. The two fish thanked God for the reward of patience. In all cases, we must trust in God which is nothing but self-belief& strong will power. We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change the life of any human being effortless.


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