It is obligatory to act in a selfless manner. The leaving result is abandonment. How to Improve Your Motivational Skills. Series-114 (Prerana)

Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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Many people say that there is no motivation for selfless action, it is purposeless. That’s not right and the creation by action, protection of creation by action, so nature makes everyone work. It is the duty of the living being to make the action useless and turn it into “Bhagavata”’s action. If the worker is selfish, then how will the sorrow of the world are relieved. So ‘Prahlad’ said sadly, Bhagavata (7/9/44) – “Prayena Devamunayh Swabimuktikama. Maunang Charanti Bijane Na Pararthanisthah”.

‘It is often seen that ‘munis'(Saint) do austerities in solitude, they do not look at people. They are not altruistic; they are preoccupied with their own liberation, so they are selfish. From ancient times the followers of traditional religions have been glorified by their deeds. Today, the followers of those traditional religions are ridiculed as lazy, idle, and talkative. Why this misery? Who seemed to deviate from the actions of the traditionalists? How was this difference of tradition born? Many priests have already arrived. Among them was Mayaism, dualism, knowledge, asceticism, love, devotion, but there was no sending of action, no praise of action, no exhortation. The monks say that the reason for the bondage of karma is the renunciation of karma (18/3). The result is abandonment. Selfless workers are free from the bondage of action. That is why there is no need to give up action. ‘Karmanyeba Adhikaraste, Ma Faleshu Kadachana’.

Conscience means – what is true, what is false, what is eternal, what is mortal, to understand these things properly, and to hold them in one’s practical life. The only “Paramatma”(The Ultimate Soul) is true, everything that remains, such as family, son, daughter, house, job, shop, friend, relative, relative, etc., is all impermanent. One day they will all have to leave. With this body, all relations, condemnation-establishment, rich-poor, healthy-sick will be burnt to ashes. The Guru ‘Maharshi’ of Lord Rama said, O ‘Ramji’, if ‘Satsang’ is found even after begging in the house of ‘Chandal’, and the conscience of the eternal-mortal is awakened in it, then this ‘Satsang’ should not be missed. When the other uses of the world, however, are realized in any way, in the end, it leads to death. That is why we should associate with the saints so that the true conscience is awakened, by which our ‘sattwic’ (controlled) mind is formed.

In the Sri Sri Gita, the Supreme Lord Krishna says that you have nothing to say in this world. What did you bring that you lost? What is yours now, was someone else’s in the past and will be someone else’s in the future. Change is the rule of the world! Why are you suffering? Happiness in the world can be the one who can recognize the real happiness. I have nothing to say, God is the master of everything. I have come empty-handed, I have to leave this world empty-handed, and then there is no respite for happiness or sorrow. If anything goes with you at the time of death, it is the result of karma, the name of Lord Krishna.Death is a terrible thing for most people in the world. In Sri Sri Gita, Lord Krishna says. Death seems to be our daily companion. According to the Gita, we are constantly dying in our lives. Because death means a change of body and this change of body brings about a radical change in our lives. For example, if you look at someone you saw five months later, five years later, it is very possible that you will not recognize him. The body that you have seen at the age of five months has changed completely in five years. Even the cells of the body have changed. In this way, every organism is changing from childhood to old age.

Lord Krishna says that change of body is known as death, Just as one takes from one body to another from childhood to youth, from youth to old age, and in the same way at the time of death. For example, in the Mahabharata, ‘Arjuna’ is so weak that as he lost the will to fight, he said, “If I fight and win ‘Tribhuvan’ (Three Universe), I will not be happy.” Like ‘Arjuna’, every living being is worried about death. In order to free Arjuna, who is worried about his family members, Lord Krishna has told him the details of the death. What does death mean, what is death, why does death happen? Some people think that everything ends with death. From a perspective, the end of life and the body is called death. But the soul is eternal; there is no death of the soul. We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change the life of any human being effortless.

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