The strong are those who are tolerant, can endure. How to Improve Your Motivational Skills. Series-116 (Anuprerana)

Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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The opposition is not proof of strength. The strong are those who are tolerant, can endure. When anger and opposition are removed from the heart, endurance becomes the power of religion. Revenge is born of anger and justice is born of religion. Even if there comes a time in your life when you are wronged, you must restrain your anger before doing justice. The tree that gives bitter fruit has to be uprooted and the sweet fruit tree has to be planted. Sweet fruit is not obtained by taking more food from that tree or by cutting the branches. Destroying this impure present is inevitable in order to purify the future. Look at the first rays of the rising sun of the future. Which is waiting for everyone?

Most of the souls consider their own body as everything; they cannot know what is different from the body itself, the sorrow, happiness, taste of the body. Everyone feels the smell; he accepts his own feeling and does not try to change. Punishment is inevitable in order to awaken the soul which does not try to change but keeps on committing iniquities. You also know that you are not a body, only a soul. Not all the people observed in this world are what you think they are, they have only been living in the body for some time. Their bodies will die but they are all immortal. He will take on a new body again. Love improves, should give knowledge of impropriety. There is a difference between love and fascination. In reality, love is not an illusion. Love is born of compassion, and lust is born of pride. Love liberates, fascinates. Love is religion, and delusion is unrighteousness.

At the moment of diagnosis, we always rely on the advice, information, or advice of another person. And the decisions we make today are the basis of our future. So is our future the result of someone else’s advice, someone else’s advice? But is our whole life the result of someone else’s intelligence? Have we ever judged? Everyone knows that different people give different advice in the same situation. Donations should be made as devotees standing in the temple. And if there is an opportunity to say, thief, then the jewellery of that idol should be stolen. The righteous heart gives righteous advice, and the unrighteous heart gives half-hearted counsel. Accepting this religious advice leads to happiness. But isn’t it more important to put religion into one’s own heart before accepting such advice?

 Expectations are the basis of all human relationships. What will my husband be like – that will fill my life with happiness and benefits. What will be the wife – who will always be devoted to me. How will the child – who will serve me, will obey my orders? Man can give love only to him who can fulfill his expectations. And the destiny of expectation is to be broken. How? The reason is that no human being can fulfill all the expectations of others even if they have strong desires. And from him, the conflict was born. All relationships turn into conflict. But if people do not make expectations the basis of the relationship, and admit that only the relationship is the main basis. But life will not be filled with happiness and peace by itself.

People pray to God whenever there is a bad situation in their life. He prays to God for deliverance from the situation. But what is the reality of this prayer? Have we ever considered that? Prayer means putting all your desires, all your thoughts, all your intentions, all your plans at God’s feet. That is to do similar deeds of religion without thinking about what will be the result of one’s own Carmel. Accepting God’s plan as destiny is prayer, isn’t it? But is it possible to carry out all God’s plans? Those plans are always revealed as a result of our actions. But if one gives up everything, is that real prayer? In fact, real prayer is not to be fascinated by life and fruit. The prayer that stands in the way of action, does not allow people to act, is it prayer or defeat?

When one gains misery in return for one’s good deeds, or one gains happiness by doing bad deeds, then the mind must be thinking, then what is the meaning of doing good deeds, walking in the path of religion? But also see what the demon has to suffer. The mind that does evil deeds is always restless, anxious, new conflicts always arise in the mind. Disbelief continues to haunt him all his life, what is it called happiness? The person who follows the path of religion is always engaged in good deeds. The heart with honest character stays calm all the time. Circumstances do not interfere with the happiness of his life. His respect and contentment in society is always intact. In other words, good behaviour does not show the way to happiness in the future, good behaviour itself gives happiness. Abuse, on the other hand, does not lead to sorrow in the future, iniquity produces sorrow at that moment. Happiness is not found in religion, religion itself is happiness.

The future is built every day, every day. The future is not something that. The result of today’s diagnosis and action of man is the future. If you are satisfied with a diagnosis today, believe me, it will bring you happiness in the future. We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.

Ramayaner Ajana Tathya(রামায়ণের অজানা তথ্য )

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