The more denial, the more conflict, and the greater the acceptance, the greater the happiness.How to Improve Your Motivational Skills.

Series-117 (Anuprerana)], Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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From the beginning of time, people have always been plagued by the question of how they can achieve maximum happiness and minimum misery in their relationships! Well, have all your relationships ever given you complete satisfaction? Our lives stand on relationships, the security of this life also survives on this relationship, that is why all the bases of our lives are also on this relationship, but still why is there so much sorrow from our relationships? Have you ever judged why conflict always arises from relationships?

Conflict is born when a person does not accept another person’s thoughts or actions, trying to bring about a change in him, that is, the more denial, the more conflict, and the greater the acceptance, the greater the happiness. Isn’t that real? Would it be very difficult to find satisfaction in a relationship if one were to control one’s own expectations, to change one’s own way of judging, to try to change oneself without trying to change another person? I mean, isn’t acknowledging the real meaning of the relationship?

When a person feels incapable of facing an imminent crisis in life, when he does not have faith in his own strength, he abandons honest virtues and adopts distant virtues. By the door. When a person believes that the conflict of life makes him weak, he does not have faith in himself. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. But when he realizes that this conflict makes him stronger, just as love increases the strength of the body, his enthusiasm also increases with each conflict. In other words, self-confidence is nothing but a state of mind. Just a perspective on life. And the point of view is under the control of the people, isn’t it? The greater the wind that seems to be unjust, the more the hearts of the people opposes it. He demanded justice in the wake of the incident. And that’s right, the trust and confidence of any unjust person in the real world are destroyed. But what is this justice? What does justice mean? If he who has done wrong repents and if he who has been wronged regains faith in his mind, then he is called justice towards the society! But he who does not have patience in his heart leaves the path of justice and chooses the path of punishment and revenge.

He goes ahead with the idea of ​​revenge instead of violence. He tries to give more pain to others than what he has suffered. And in this way, the one who has been wronged, he has wronged himself! Soon he became a criminal. That is, there is a very small difference between justice and revenge. And the name of the difference is religion! When a person sees injustice in an event, that event breaks his heart. He continues to know the whole world as his enemy. We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.

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