It is better to build the character of the child than to build his future .How to Improve Your Motivational Skills.

Series-118 (Anuprerana), Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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The father always desires the happiness of his child and is preoccupied with the happiness of the future. And because he always tries to make sure of his child’s future goals, the path that the father has always taken, the path that he has cut, the path that he is familiar with, the shadow of the path, the leaves of the path that he has felt himself, his son This is the wish of every father! Undoubtedly this is a good idea. But they forget the answer to 3 questions – is that a question?

1) Doesn’t every path change with this time! Doesn’t time always face new tests! What a benefit the experience of the past can give to the new generation! 2) Is every child a reflection of his parents! The education is given to the child by the parents but the power of the heart is a gift from God. 3) Life’s conflicts and tests do not provide benefits! Doesn’t every new question open the door to a new answer! But will keeping the child away from new questions, conflicts, and tests be beneficial for them or will it harm them! In other words, just as it is better to build a child’s character than to build his future, isn’t it beneficial to give them the morale and knowledge to fight new struggles instead of paving the way for the future! The future is not something that. The result of today’s human diagnosis and action are Consequences. If you are satisfied with a diagnosis today, believe me, it will bring you happiness in the future.

There must be a purpose behind every human action. Maybe someone like “Mamashree Shakuni” (Matternal Uncle Shakuni in Mahabharat Epic) is very clever and lives with the knowledge of hypocrisy. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “Judging by both sides, it is proved that the sons of ‘Maharaja Pandu’ (King Pandu of Kuru Dynasty in Mabharata Epic) have always followed the path of religion. Yes, there was a purpose behind them and their actions. But it is not a religion of iniquity. It is the welfare of the world, the welfare of the people, the happiness and peace of the state. No matter how difficult the task of a person who has a great purpose behind his work which is for the welfare of all in the world, a pious person succeeds in his work. God, Himself helped him.

‘AngaRaj Karna’ (The king of State Anga Karna in Mahabharata epic) was born with divine qualities but was silent even when he saw iniquity. His only wish was to defeat Arjuna in a bow battle. For this reason, he spent all his life. If he had once thought of the welfare of the world and considered the proper judgment of his deeds, he would have become immortal as a pious king. He gained knowledge by telling lies, what he got. At the last moment of his life, that knowledge also left his company.We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.

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