There is only one way to escape from the fear of death and the only mantra is to enjoy the joy of living in every moment of your life. How to Improve Your Motivational Skills. Series-119 (Anuprerana).

Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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It is written in the Gita that when human needs change, then the way a person talks is changed.

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What is the greatest fear of all our minds, the greatest lust, the greatest thought? The biggest fear and thought in everyone’s mind is “death”! Everyone is afraid of death, what will happen if you die suddenly! Everyone longs to live a few more days & if only to live a few more days! Everyone hopes that he will never die! And because of this fear of death, most people ignore the life he is living now…!

Have you ever wondered why you are afraid of death? Because there is only one thing you can’t do in life that you want to do, and what you want to do, you can do it only when you get out of the fear of death and know the right way to use every moment of your life, there is only one way to escape the fear of death which is to enjoy the joy of living in every moment of one’s life. In fact, most people in this society always feel miserable, because their needs are not met, they want to do a lot in life, they want to get, but they are not available, and he remains miserable as a result of unfulfilled hopes, but how can all hopes be fulfilled? This is the nature of hope will be broken, isn’t it?

You will not see a person in this world whose hopes have been fulfilled when they get one, they wake up the desire of another, and run after it again, in reality, how many more hopes are fulfilled in a person’s life, if there are 100 hopes Two to three plus five, this is the part of life, full of hope and happiness, and there is no problem. Because since it is a life, there will be happiness and sorrow in life, but we have to understand that there is no relation between hope and happiness, every moment of life is a moment of enjoyment, if we judge a little, we will understand If we stay, we will do something else, so shouldn’t we all enjoy the joy of living every moment?

A Google search will show that 250,000 people die every day in this world, millions of people close their eyes to sleep at night but those eyes no longer open, so at least if you wake up in the morning and see yourself alive, you have to give yourself a sweet smile. If you are still alive were so many people have not opened their eyes, and at the same time look at your family and loved ones and they are also alive, then isn’t this a happy day for you?

Calculate if two hundred and fifty thousand people die every day, and if four of them have a loved one, that is, a family member, then one million people still suffer the loss of their loved one every day, so if we feel this truth of life, nothing more At least when I look at the time on the clock, I can remind myself with a sweet smile that I am still alive and so is my family, and it is truly a wonderful day. Thank God so much for this day, this time for giving me a gift.We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.

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