Man becomes powerless when he is bound by his own disease, and man becomes strong when he thinks of the disease of everyone in the world. How to Improve Your Motivational Skills. Series-120 (Anuprerana).

Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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Birds also do not boast that they know that there is no place to sit in the sky.

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Bathing in the river water forgives all sins, but the river never adds sin to it. If there is dirt in the river, the dirty river mixes with the sea and keeps itself clean. Forgive everyone and free yourself from filth by uniting all your sorrows with “Paramatman”. Revenge can never be religion; revenge is the unrighteousness of the ungodly. Are you thinking about yourself Think about it, what will be the fate of an ordinary wife? Don’t just think about yourself, think about the world. When a person is weakened by his own illness and people become stronger when they think of the suffering of everyone in the world. Feel the pain of the world by your own pain. Forgive everyone; your forgiveness will be the first step to their destruction.

If you become a slave or a puppet of wealth and desire, it can bring about a definite decline in your nature and character. The result, in fact, can be an extreme failure. Below are the best sayings to awaken the people of the destroyed mind with all the sayings with which “Basudev Sri Krishna ”inspired “Draupadi” in the greatest epic of the world ” Mahabharata”.

1. Truly the absolute religion to the wise. 2. The weak only blame the fate and the hero achieves the fate. 3. What is the benefit of putting Maya on the rope? When you give up delusion, you will give up selflessly. 4. There is nothing more destructive than mourning, mourning destroys all human strength, so do not mourn. 5. Dynasty is identified in behaviour and character. 6. A liar is more terrible than a snake. 7. Truly the controller of this world, in fact, religion is ingrained. 8. Maternal debt No child can ever repay. 9. The moon may lose its beauty, the glacier may become iceless, the sea may become desolate but Rama never deviates from his promise.

10. Just as a huge tree without roots and seventy become lifeless, so the hundred harmful ones are uprooted even though they are strong. 11. There is nothing bigger than enthusiasm; enthusiastic people can conquer the world. 12. There is no other perfect companion like a true friend in sorrow or misery. There is no greater virtue like compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and humanity. 13. There is no anger in the heart. 14. As extremely roaring clouds are very rare in the year, like the real hero does not talk for any reason. 15. There are friends, relatives or wives in the country, but there is no country in the world where a brother like ‘Lakshman’ in epic ‘Ramayana’ can match. Not always, remember, mother and homeland are better than heaven.

We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.

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