A candle that is extinguished in a gust of wind can be re-lit, but once the lamp of human life is extinguished, it can never be lit again. How to Improve Your Motivational Skills. Series-121 (Anuprerana).

Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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One who is knowledgeable can be explained, one who is ignorant can also be explained, but one who is arrogant, no one can explain it. Only time can explain it properly!

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People are like candles. And the burning fire of the candle is the life of man. Every drop of candle melting is a human day which is constantly coming to an end. Just as a whole candle melts away with the passage of time, so does a person’s lifespan go by one day at a time. It is often seen that the whole candle can be extinguished in half when it is half-blown. The only difference is that a candle extinguished in a gust of wind can be re-lit, but once the lamp of human life is extinguished it can never be lit again. So let us worship the best and simplest of this human life before the lamp of life goes out.

If you want to be happy, first of all, refrain from hurting others. Because, every action in the world has equal and opposite reactions, so if you hurt someone today, then that sorrow will come in your life tomorrow. Give up the desire to receive extra love from others. Because there is no real love in this world of impermanence, it is a world of interests, so if there is a lack of interest, anyone will hurt you at any time. It is an impermanent world. In fact, no one here is your constant companion, no one in this world has ever been with you before, and no one will be in the future. Don’t want to live; anyone can leave you alone at any time.

You accept it is a world of sorrow. And by accepting this, engage yourself in service to get rid of sorrow, for this you must be sinless, lead your life as instructed by Sadhu-Guru-Vaishnavism, and avoid imaginary religion.If you accept these four truths, you will see that no sorrow can even touch your mind, both your world and the hereafter will be happy.

1. Many people think that giving up work in the world is asceticism. As soon as the work is done, they do not feel the cause of bondage or sorrow, so they do not feel the abandonment of all kinds of work. But they are wrong, not giving up work, giving up the greed for money is the real sacrifice or asceticism”- Shri Krishna 2. “Only the mind becomes man’s friend or enemy” – Shri Krishna 3. “Hell has three gates – lust, anger and greed” – Shri Krishna 4. “One who gives up all desires and is freed from this lustful thought of ‘I ’and ‘mine ’. That is the only real peace. ”- Shri Krishna 5. Thou shalt mourn over those things which are not worthy to mourn but speak of wisdom the intelligent person is no longer alive

We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.


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