Human character is created from reform and education. In other words, his future is the same as the parents build the character of his children. How to Improve Your Motivational Skills.

Series-123 (Anuprerana), Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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This is the first duty of every parent, trying to fill the future happiness of the children. Those whom you have brought into this world, by whose deeds you too will be known in the future. What could be more important than making their future happy? But happiness and security do not come from human actions? Do not the good or bad reforms given by parents or their protection come from human actions? Aren’t the good or bad reforms given by parents or the education given to them worthy or unworthy the root of all actions today? Human character is created from reform and education. In other words, his future is the same as the parents build the character of his children. But more and more parents are forgetting about their character building in order to secure their child’s future. In fact, the world praises the parent who builds the character of the child who only thinks about the future of his children.  – (Lord Krishna)

In society, there is always injustice with wives and men. Human society has always exploited, abused, and humiliated women. If you look around you, look at the whole history, you will see the same form that the jealousy, arrogance, enmity, lust of men, the result of all these evil thoughts is suffered by women. Men fight and women are raped in defeated cities. Men lose their possessions through drunkenness and gossip, and women lose their appetite. The arrogance of the man is diminished and the freedom and happiness of the woman are obstructed. The man loses his life and leaves the family and the wife struggles to satisfy the hunger of her children.

Calculate the sorrows of the whole world. You will see clearly that in between men and women, women suffer more than men. What kind of society have we created where half of the human race is constantly trampling the other half? And that trampled woman-man is the birthplace of man’s future? Look at the creation – God has created flower petals around the seed that gives birth to the new tree which filled him with colon and fragrance. Isn’t it necessary to have only beauty, happiness, contentment, and respect where the future is born? But the society continues to fill the whole future with sorrow by giving sorrow to the wife by man. With Beatings, Exploitation, Pain (Pira), how will this barely burnt wife, man give birth to a healthy and happy child? That is, whenever a woman is insulted, a woman is exploited, when a woman’s hair is attracted, a war is born in one form or another and somehow the Mahabharata begins. – (Lord Krishna)

He who desires happiness does not get happiness, he who knows happiness gets happiness. If you know what happiness is for you, you will find happiness. – (Lord Krishna)

He who spends his life only on his own feet becomes powerless. But the person who spends his life holding the Pain (Pira) of the whole society in his heart becomes strong. – (Lord Krishna)

Happiness is the object of realization, not the object of attainment. The person who calls the object happiness does not actually get his happiness. The entity or property that considers happiness must invite destruction for itself. – (Lord Krishna)

We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.

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