Success in life comes only when you can take risks. How to Improve Your Motivational Skills, Series-126 (Anuprerana),

Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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“You mourn over those things which are not worthy of mourning, but still speak of wisdom because the wise man mourns for the living or the dead.” “No one hates me or loves me, but the one who worships me with devotion is always with me and I am with him.” “Get rid of such thoughts of me and you, big and small, your own and others, then everyone will be yours and you will be everyone’s.” That is to say, feeling this moment is called life “Everything you have today been someone else’s before and will be someone else’s in the future.” Change is the rule of the world “To the mind that cannot control, it is like the enemy.” “Anyone can have what they want in life, if they think about it with faith.” “People are made by their own faith He becomes what he believes he is.” “Action does not bind me, because I have no attachment to the fruits of my actions.” “Do whatever you have to do because doing well is better than being inactive.” “It is the man who gives up the hope of fruit and makes his life successful.” “It is not possible in this life or in another life to find the happiness of a person who is always in doubt.” “O Arjuna, you fight and remember me.” “Man is born again according to his desires” – Shri Krishna

Mana and Dhana lived in a village. They are both unemployed. They do not see any other work in the village except day labour. Meanwhile, the newly married wife has the same family situation. Even though they have a different mentality, the only common problem between the two of them is how to earn money. Thinking about all this, and intellect played in Mona’s head. He told Dhana that if a buffalo could be bought together, what would happen. You can earn some money by selling buffalo milk. And there will be buffalo calves, so the number of buffaloes will continue to increase. There will be more milk. And in this way, both of them will become the owners of a lot of money one day. When the number of buffaloes increases, many people will take care of them – this way both of them will become rich one day.

In this way, Mana informs Dhana about his thoughts. Dhana also likes this proposal very much. He also agreed to the proposal. They both agreed. They both went home with great joy and excitement. Both of them informed their wives about their initiative. Mona’s wife happily took off her jewellery and handed it to her husband and said, “Very good plan, why to sell my jewellery to a buffalo and when there is more to earn, how much longer to buy jewellery. Mana is proud of his wife’s words. On the other hand, when Dhana informs his wife about his plan, his wife says, “Look, we have nothing to do with this. So why not we sell only a few jewellery items and buys buffalo. But if the buffalo dies “Dhana’s mind is also troubled. I think his wife is right. Because of the buffalo dies, the only source of jewellery will go – the buffalo will go too. It would be wrong to take so much risk.

When two friends meet the next day, Dhana says, “Brother Mona, if the buffalo dies, then what happen”? Mana says,” Why are you thinking such nonsense? Thinking of killing the buffalo before buying? And the buffalo will die for any reason? Dhana replied in the same tone, “I understand that the buffalo will not die.” But what if he dies? What will happen then? Mana replied with great affection, “I don’t have the answer to your ‘then’. “We have the answer,” says Dhana. We will be ruined. I will lose everything and become destitute. “Why do you keep thinking that the buffalo will die, think a little differently, the buffalo will give milk?” We will sell. I will deposit the money first. Then I will buy more buffaloes. When you have a lot of money, you can buy a lot of jewellery, you can build a house. In this way, the two will become big milk traders. “But that one word of wealth” Business money home jewellery will be all, only when the buffalo survives. After that, even after explaining a lot, Dhana starts talking like a parrot about the death of a buffalo. Mana can no longer explain, he just says, this kind of thinking is not right because you see the dark side first. ” Thus a few days passed after the argument of the two friends.

Mona buys a dairy buffalo alone. He no longer goes to work as a day labourer. From morning to evening she takes care of the buffalo and gives milk. For the first few days, it was difficult to find a milk customer, to take care of the buffalo. Gradually Mana began to become proficient in these tasks. And at the end of the day labourer’s work, Dhana Rose used to come to him every day, and he used to see the matter of mind clashing and hard work. And I thought how good their day labourer life was. Every day he would go to work in the morning and come back in the afternoon to hang out in the evening. Now there is no time to hang out in Mona’s life. Why buy that buffalo with so much risk on it. If he dies everything will be lost and he will be ruined. On the other hand, Mana sees the light of life in the black buffalo. He began to work with double enthusiasm. It is true that he has no retirement now. But he is not willing to waste time imagining a beautiful future. Gradually its customer base continues to grow. The buffalo continues to grow. Work people also continue to grow. The buffalo did not die. On the other hand, Dhana thinks about the death of the buffalo and works as a day labourer in the same way. The mind gradually becomes richer. No risk no gain. Success in life comes only when you can take risks.We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.   

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