There is nothing to despair about; you still have a lot of time on your hands, just need to try! How to Improve Your Motivational Skills.

Series-127 (Anuprerana),Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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Even high-flying birds do not boast that they also know that there is no place to seat in the sky.

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He lost his father when he was only 5 years old. He dropped out of school at the age of 16. At the age of 17, he lost his job a total of 4 times. At the age of 18, he got married. He became a father at the age of 19. At the age of 20, his wife left him and took his daughter with him. Joined the army and failed there. Joined the insurance company and did not see success there either. He went to kidnap his own daughter and failed there as well. He took a job as a railway conductor, but could not take advantage. Eventually, he took a job in a cafe. He retired at the age of 85. On the first day of his retirement, he received a check for 105 dollar from the government. Life seemed worthless to him. He decided to commit suicide.

Then he sat down under a tree and began to make a list of what he had achieved in life. Suddenly it seemed to him that there was still a lot to do in life and he knew more about one thing than anyone else – cooking. He borrowed 87 dollars ​​and bought some more chickens against the check and fried them with his own recipe. Then he went door-to-door with neighbours in Kentucky and started selling those fried chicken! KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN or KFC was born. He tried to commit suicide at the age of 65 and at the age of 88 Colonel Sanders was considered a billionaire. You are remembered as the founder of KFC! There is nothing to despair about; you still have a lot of time to be a billionaire- just try!

This world is changing every moment, and changing things is always untrue. Abandonment of external objects is called abandonment, in reality, sincere abandonment is the real abandonment our desires, affections, addictions are bound but not the family. If you do not act on your own, the bond with action is broken, and this action is a useless action. A gentleman wants to be with a gentleman of better character, a lowly person wants to be with a person of more low character. He who is born by nature never leaves that nature. In a man rich in divine light, there is always a lack of fear and love for everyone. – Shri Krishna

What is going to happen will happen and what is not happen will may happen. Anxiety can never hurt him. People who are imperfect in fear, anger, hatred, and addiction find happiness in this world and the next. Ego creates differences in people, if there is a lack of ego, there is no reason for difference with Parramatta. I do ‘, whenever this feeling arises in someone, it is called arrogance. Ordinary people think of this body as comprehensive, the devotee thinks of Parramatta as comprehensive Just as the body and the world are one, so the self and the Parramatta are one. The man who thinks that there will always be the original guilt of sleep, fear, thought, sorrow, arrogance, is really a coward. – Shri Krishna

We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.   


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