An object that has no origin has no destruction. How to Improve Your Motivational Skills, Series-128 (Anuprerana).

Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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The importance of a good time in life is never understood.

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Happiness is obtained in the same way as happiness is obtained in the world, but ecstasy is obtained as a result of separation from the world. It is normal for an object to be destroyed, for an object that has no origin has no destruction. The soul is indestructible and immortal but the destruction of this body is inevitable. Take action but don’t worry about the results. I am only God and God is the only mine, it only covers our relationship with God. He is the only perfect man to whom happiness, sorrow, value, and humiliation are all equal. Don’t hurt anyone with words and deeds. There are two types of human communities, the first being the divine community and the second being the demonic community. – Shri Krishna

Happiness-sorrow, profit-loss, value-disgrace, there is equality in each of these. Giving a gift is considered genuine and sacred only when it is sincerely given to the right person, at the right time and in the right place and there is no expectation of receiving in the gifted person. There is no one who has done good deeds in this world and his heart has been bad whether it is this time or next time. When a person achieves his goal, all the sorrows of his life are gone and new joy and happiness are filled in his life. Do every deed with patience and compassion and doing one’s duty as determined by nature. Sin is not an act at all. I am the soul, which is attached to the hearts of all creatures. I am also the beginning, middle, and end of all creatures. – Shri Krishna

Do you feel bad sometimes? Don’t people care about you? Are you afraid to take chances and do what really makes you happy, so you often just build yourself up based on other people’s opinions? Do you feel sad today? Don’t be sad, be happy instead. Happiness is what everyone should achieve in life and that is when stressful situations, uncomfortable feelings, and challenging obstacles are avoided. Those who actually study people’s minds and behaviour’s, they say, are not the ones who strengthen your mind-set, develop quality habits. These shape your personality and make you a stronger person. Some call these people scientists, some call them experts. Always be happy, because it is unnatural to have any other emotions.

Criticism is too bad. It’s not something that can improve itself. If you’re alive, you’re great. You can become a better person by doing good work, advancing your skills and knowledge, working hard, and developing yourself as a smart, capable, and attractive person. If people hate talking to you and avoid social contact, you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong. Can you talk too much? Perhaps you are going to make a lot of decisions? You have nothing important to say? Forget these things. Remember, you have no bad symptoms. There is nothing wrong with your behaviour. There is no chance of improvement, just as perfect as you are.

We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.

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