People without principles are like clockwork without thorns. How to Improve Your Motivational Skills, Series-133 (Anuprerana).

Author – Pradip Kumar Ray

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A person who lives a two-pronged policy has no principles when he dies. If you speak in anger, you can say things that you will be ashamed of all your life. Virtue covers many bad aspects of people and bad character covers many good aspects of people. When your power calls you to injustice, remember the power of the Almighty. People without principles are like clockwork without thorns. No effective treatment has been discovered to soothe a person’s unstable arteries other than to say a nice word at the right time. Honesty is like a small tree. It needs to be cared for after planting so that it grows hard and grows.

What can be achieved through humility cannot be achieved through harshness. The more you joke, the more the personality goes away, and the more you laugh, the less the effect. If you put something in all the pots in the world, its space becomes smaller. But the vessel of knowledge is the exception. The more knowledge is poured into it, the more it grows. There is no such thing as ignorance, no such thing as poverty, and no such thing as wealth. By speaking nicely when people are proud; you then boast in silence by listening to others nicely. If you do well, be careful! Never mention it to him. And if anyone benefits you, beware! Never forget that.

 Write down the best words from what you hear. And save the best words from what you write and tell people the best words from what you hear. The one who secretly advises someone pleases and beautifies him and the one who advises openly is the one who humiliates and stigmatizes him. Everything starts in small size except sin. Because, when someone starts committing a big sin, it gradually seems small to him. And if something is extra, its value goes down without civility or politeness. Because, as politeness increases, so does its value.

A wise person is asked, where did you get the knowledge from? He said, from the blind. Because he does not set foot on the ground and does not examine it well with a stick. One philosopher said: There are three types of people. There is a class of people who are always in need of food. Another class of people is those who need medicine sometimes. Another class of people is like a disease that you never need. Water creates holes. But it is not by force but if the word of continuous fall comes out of the heart, it enters the heart. But if it just comes out of the mouth it does not cross the ear. Learn from flowers, cheerfulness, learn from doves, learn humility, learn from bees, discipline, learn from ants, work and learn from roosters, get up very early.

We all know the importance of inspiration in life. Everyone wants to be inspired. Adhering to these inspirational judgments in real life can change a person’s life effortlessly.

পুরাণ কাহিনীর অন্তর্নিহিত অর্থ।

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