Remember that you are a fighter – fight, fight and fight again.”Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M – 2

There is no catch or surrender to the idea or belief, because they are the result of the thoughts of others. The noise of the opinions of others is not to be lost in the voice of one’s own heart. Above all, have the courage to follow your own heart and insight within yourself. I know somehow, what I really want to do. That’s the point, everything else is secondary. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. Inner appetite will not be lost or calculated.

Winning is an event but being a winner is a mental state. Despite not being given out, the famous cricketer Sachin Tendulkar left the crease, because of which Sachin himself realized that he was out. Sachin Tendulkar himself was victorious in this case. That is why Sachin was able to score a century of the century.

                  The fault is advertising, rewards policies, which depict pictures that neglect the qualitative diversity as if everything depends on the good of school or college results. Even parents and children cannot easily go beyond that thinking. In the face of social situations, worrying about their own lives, sadness of hope, uncertainty about the future of the child – all together, parents reluctantly force their children to do more which may harm than good.

Depression, grief, parents’ confusion – all can devour your mind, but it is your responsibility to talk to your parents about their own hardships. Relationships, love – they are all two-dimensional. It is the responsibility of both to express love and to seek love. It is important to remember that people are true to everyone and life is true to people. So don’t ever think about escaping from life.

Rather, challenge the life that you will not escape from life even if you do not get good results in the exam and will look for the future and will find yourself in a life war. So I’m saying, “Don’t stop, you don’t understand, you don’t go white, you don’t stop. Remember that you are a fighter – fight, fight and fight again.”

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