The strong desire of the mind leads to the door of success, and hard work transcends that door to success. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 3

The strong desire of the mind leads to the door of success, and hard work transcends that door to success. There is some opportunity in every danger and some danger in every opportunity. The idea that seems right today may turn out to be inaccurate over time. May be its name is modernity or time immemorial. Compromise is only a rejection of characteristic which means weakness. Confidence and self-belief are very important. If you want to achieve something, you need to move forward with confidence.

Willpower is an important part of life that helps to make important decisions in life as a result of proper practice. Every person who has success through strong mental strength and discipline is appreciated and respected. Self-conscience and willpower will help to acquired new abilities and successfully reached their stated goals by overcoming various hardships and sufferings. This self-consciousness and willpower are not only among successful people, these qualities are present in all of the people and can only be awakened through their regular practice and training. These two strengths can be learned and gradually improved, just as any other skill can be.

Every human mind has its own desires, goals and structures. But in many cases, we try to force ourselves on the desires, goals and structures of the other mind, in which both minds face an unwanted situation. His rash never comes out and it never comes, it wanders in his mind. So it is unfair to try to impose on others your thoughts and feelings and it will help to keep the mind good and to remain steadfast in the goals.

There can be no greater power than self-power. Those who have realized the power of the soul have possessed immense courage and power. This power helps the mind to succeed. A person who can always control himself will undoubtedly control his mind. If friends or loved ones make a mistake, they should not express arguments or anger. He must explain the mistake. If one is interested then he should be advised otherwise. Patience or tolerance should be increased as much as possible. The importance of patience is one of the main factors of success everywhere in the workplace.

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