Self-esteem is more than self-belief. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 4

To build the self-esteem you should try to regular practice and practice. In order to regain self-esteem, fear has to be overcome and completely alienated. Find out the reason for fear and then become active. Make a firm decision. You should sit on the first bench in the class. Do not sit in the back bench so that the vision is attracted. Do not sit in the back bench so that the vision is attracted. Speaking the eyes of another means you are honest, you are brave. You have faith in yourself you have confidence Follow a quick walk to build self-esteem. Raise your head, shoulders straight and walk fast. A strange self-confidence and confidence will build up in you.

Self-esteem is more than self-belief. Thinking or thinking minds are not influenced or directed by anyone, they just need someone’s help. You know for yourself the extent of your knowledge and that is why no one else can force you to make a decision or refrain from free thinking. It is important to remember that there is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Boasting is a big thing, boasting means the possibility of humiliating a person on the opposite side, and of course seeing your own wrong doing, forgetting to question yourself.

The new crop of new thoughts and hard work is the target. One of the biggest traits of successful people is forgiveness. If a person is inconsistent, stupid or selfish, they should still be forgiven. If you succeed in doing so, you will surely find some of your deceitful friends and strong enemies. Discipline means self-control, self-sacrifice, avoidance of self-interest and temptation. The meaning of discipline is to keep focused on a specific goal.

We are often told to be “tough”. It is important to remember that being “tough” also means being a bit ruthless. It is not happiness, but the wood. But sometimes that hardship has to be acknowledged for the good of yourself and others. The life of your parents and your life – there is definitely a deep connection between these two or three lives that is why our family or social relationships are so valuable.

छात्रों और बैंकरों के लिए बैंकिंग

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