Self-confidence, self-esteem, mental fortitude will help to produce hope. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 5

Personally it is my belief and it is true that every student can easily get fifty per cent marks in any subject. So every student should try to get the fifty per cent marks and then gradually expand the target. After getting fifty, one should expand the target to sixty, after getting sixty, one should expand the target to eighty, after getting eighty, one should expand the target to ninety and after ninety, ninety five should be the target and at last target should be one hundred per cent after achieving the target of ninety five. If one does not get the expected score in the exam even after regular studies, then one should look at improving his mental condition so that one may  regains one’s confidence and self-confidence. Self-confidence, self-esteem, mental fortitude will help to produce hope.

Winning is not just a matter of winning, winning is a habit and it is important to do it. As you grow older, you will have freedom, but remember that the opposite is the responsibility of freedom. Freedom = responsibility. This is nothing but responsibility of own, responsibility of home and also responsibility of society. Winners don’t do different kinds of things; they do the same thing differently. The positive side of every person and event is acceptable. The standard of being happy is to set you. Time is not equal, so it is important to be persistent in negative criticism. It is my duty to help those who are less fortunate than me. Without worrying, you need to try to overcome the adverse situation and learn to forgive yourself and others.

After the test did not produce the expected results, this entire history of emotions can be repeated in the mind. With it comes the tension of relationships, family problems and loneliness. No matter what age we are in, it feels great. At the age of forty it is understood that the emotions of the twentieth year were not worth much. Today’s bad results, the day it will not bring as much dirt as it does today. On the contrary, if he truly stands up from this stage, his glory will be greater. If the result is not good, then there is another way. The traditional way of getting a job does not close on the basis of school or college results. There is also the opportunity to learn different types of vocational work; there is a range of businesses.

One thing to keep in mind is that we are actually living for love. The price of any result is not worse than this love. It is not okay to give unnecessary stress, yet some parents unwittingly put pressure on themselves. The fault is not always by the parents, but by the fault of the society. The education system that replaces ungodly creativity, instead of forming one’s own thinking, obedience, traditionalism and Imitation teaches that a society that does not provide the education of honour for all, even if it means big words, defines the cost of living on the basis of numbers.

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