Respect and Self-Confidence are the Strength of Mental Strength.Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 6

There is no harm if you have not big plans to improve yourself, the resolve to touch the sky. In fact, I just want to practice it and if I can do it, it will produce results in the future. The Greek philosopher Aristotle said, “Regular habits create a temperament. By practicing conscientious qualities, not consciously acting as a machine, those qualities become part of the character. From that comes success, emotional satisfaction.” It is not possible to get up at night, and I want rules, dedication and hard work.

One big fact is that each of us lives is unique and unique. Mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, son and daughter – each identity is important but beyond that we have a responsibility to ourselves. Parents are living their lives as their own, maybe there are problems, different problems in that life. It is natural for you to have the effect of your parents’ turmoil on your life, but do not let that effect consumes you.

If you want to enhance your energy then you have to work. Therefore, the tasks that are worthwhile, without wasting energy, should be spent behind them. If you are strong, you cannot give strength to others, so you have to try to fulfil your power. Eighty-nine per cent of the inspiration and two per cent of sweating ability is needed to cover the discovery and improvement of personality. “Most people think they know what’s good,” said business guru Peter Ducker. They are usually wrong and the only thing a guy can do yet is through his power. “

But even if someone thinks that successful people are born with extraordinary talent and they do not have that talent, then there may be no shortage of talent. To illustrate this, below is a clue that is a crop of rosés. Strength (any strength – such as merit) = Talent x savings (time spent on perseverance, practice, knowledge and patience). That is, the above formula implies that those who have less talent should spend more time on their savings and habits, and as a result, those whose talents are more capable of being equal and more capable. Reasoning, respect and self-confidence are the strength of mental strength.

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