Mistakes are not a joy, however, of improvement. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 7

If things go well, it doesn’t make sense to ask for a change, but if it is necessary, you must seek change and change yourself. One has to look for alternative ways to solve any problem. Mistakes are not a joy, however, of improvement. Mistakes should not be made without effort. The bigger mistake is a mistake by sitting quietly. If you are wrong, you should learn from it without fear. One mistake should not be repeated. If you do not learn from past mistakes, those mistakes will continue to happen again and again. To be successful, there may be mistakes, but the mind-set that stays with you will ultimately bring success.

We are not ideal men or women. We do not know the answers of all the problems, questions or riddles of life. This is why we make mistakes and failed. You have to stumble in the path of life. Learning to stumble is humanity, that is, a strong and healthy mind-set. That shows the perfect path to their future. Failure is a part of life, and success does not hurt. Success comes only after failure. “Zindagi ke iye rit hay, har ke bad jit hai”.

What seems to be wrong today will one day be right over time? In fact, we live only for love. The body needs food to survive and the mind needs love to survive. As a parent, every parent should have a prayer – “Let my child love, accept that love and be able to love others.” The price of a result is not higher than this demand.

Every human being must awaken the inherent power of the human mind. The various energies of this type are: Silence, Memory, Resolution, Consciousness, Endurance, Imagination, Self-Power, Encouragement etc. Bringing these powers to life will make it easier to achieve success in life. Stamina executives are long-lasting because the victory of “Sahyagun” (Patience) is everywhere, which is hundreds of dollars.

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