When you do not get what you want but get what you do not want then it will be your experience. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 8

You have dislikes, and have values – you know what is moral and what is immoral, what is wrong and what is right. Therefore, your personality should be a reflection of your life. A career contrary to one’s own personality – no matter how attractive in the eyes of society, parents or relatives – will not make you successful. Because the profession can give you financial benefits but you will not be able to enjoy it. George Bernard Shaw said, “Many people blame the situation for everything that happens in life or what is not. But I don’t believe that people are the slaves of the situation. If found, make it yourself. “

Students or young people, everyone wants to grow up to be something. Someone wants to be a doctor, engineer, barrister, judge, skilled administrator, skilled publisher, or wants to be a cricketer, footballer, actor, singer, scientist or successful businessman. Everyone wants to grow up and succeed in life. But that is not the case, if you want to succeed; you want specific goals and perseverance, dedication, attention and strong will to reach those goals.

When you do not get what you want but get what you do not want then it will be your experience. It is important to remember that a healthy and successful life can be achieved through a healthy and well thought out relationship. But looking back later, it can be very well understood. The drug sounds terrible to eat, but the patient needs the medication. Be aware of your own work and adapt to all kinds of people. Don’t be arrogant or rude. In addition to being emotional, patient, efficient, you have to think of others. Without self-confidence, success does not come in life. No one is born with self-confidence.

Discipline is another part of life that helps conserve energy. Discipline — It is the power by which the desire for immediate happiness and instant gratification can be overcome and reach the next goal. It can be clearly demonstrated by our ability to stick to one’s work, thought or use by self-improvement and success. It is also a pillar of success and strength. If a person thinks that he is very ordinary, then the quality of the material contained within him will not do him any good, and will lead him into a chaotic state which will withhold his passage downward. So you should never think of yourself as general.

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