No matter how difficult the problem is, once you become active, the solution will be easy to find. Pradip Kumar Ray

I & M Series – 9

Not everyone will be in the first, second or even one of the first ten positions, but all must certainly produce good results. Everyone has the right to study very much, but do not worry about results. Even if one does not produce hope after all the hard work, there is no reason to break it. Because the study is in their own hands, but the results are not in their hands. Therefore, remembering the Gita’s words “Karmanyeba Adhikaraste Maa Falesu Kadachona “, one have to work hard to be more determined for the next test or competition. The result will certainly be fructified one day or any other day. I want to be in a constant state of mind. Not everyone may be Amartya Sen, Harbind Khorana, Chandrasekhar, Jagadish Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza or Jamshedji, but will certainly be able to reach a stated goal. There is a wide gap between seeking and receiving.

One must always try to keep the mind happy. Do not worry if you are drowning. There is always a good thing to suffer from anxiety. You have to think that humiliation is insignificant, and that persons who made humiliations are not happy with humiliation. Go ahead with whatever your mind wants to improve. If you have a leg it will not interrupt any work. Without consciousness, the mind does not expand. Thoughts and minds have a deep connection with consciousness. Content, people even add to consciousness by their own values. People are not conscious when they are born. No matter how difficult the problem is, once you become active, the solution will be easy to find. The courage to activate this is created from consciousness. It is important to remember that self-centeredness leads to the downfall of human beings, paving the way for human success in consciousness.

Suddenly no goal can be set. This requires preparation in advance. Extend the willpower. Never give an excuse. Never say, “This is not possible for me. I have no ability to do this.” Focus on setting your goals and strengthening your will. It will be a strange change. As your mental capacity increases, you will begin to achieve success in life. Continuous efforts for success must be continued with increasing self-reliance, precise thinking ability. Persistent enthusiasm, characteristic determination, confidence in one’s own strength will never disappoint. Stop death. Finishing is exhausting. Therefore, one goal must be presented to the mind before it can be fulfilled. Happiness began the day you started striving for success, the flow of joy continued as long as you continued to struggle, and joy ended when you succeeded shortly afterwards. So immediately after reaching a goal, another goal must be brought to mind. The key to success is to be honest with you. Self-examination is difficult but it is very important.

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