Jealous criticism should be accepted as praise for disguise. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 10

Everyone should keep in mind that the seeds of success are hidden within failures. Even the word “failure” comes before the word “success” in the dictionary. Sometimes life will hit your head by like a brick. Do not lose faith. You have to find things for yourself and must have to find out. Work will be a big part of your life. So if you want satisfaction, then that is why you have to be passionate. Never allow yourself to be a victim of the situation. Don’t share your life with others, explain yourself.

Reading or memorizing all the ideals that pave the way for success does not lead to success. Success can be achieved by applying them properly in the home and in the workplace. Jealous criticism should be accepted as praise for disguise. Critics really want to get to where you are but not able to achieve which you have and for that reason criticism is being done. The tree that results in more fruit is more likely to hurt the stone. There is a simple thing behind every success that we call confidence. It teaches us that we have the ability to reach our dreams. This confidence teaches people to take more risks and can help them do something that is beyond their dreams. This confidence broadens and broadens the goal and that is the magic of human life. It teaches us to believe that we have the ability to reach our dreams.

He who listens to others, but he who hears the truth will be cut off. You will know that there is a man of such quality as the rogue in this world. The enemy is as friendly as he is. You have to be firm in your faith. Setting goals requires being realistic. Unrealistic goals remain imperfect, resulting in low self-esteem.  Both the beginning and the end of hard work are worthwhile. Those who know the value of every object but do not know the real value of any object are the critics. Abraham Lincoln said “Those who wait may get something, but they get what remains after the reward of the workers.” Talented ones also need diligence. The talent cannot be successful only if the talented people are the most powerful. It is not only the desire to win, but also the desire to prepare for victory.

Willpower is an important part of life that helps to make important decisions in life as a result of proper practice. Now we need to know what these powers are – the forces in the mind that help people to actively make decisions and fulfil their desire to reach their goals, avoiding the obstacles of the outside world. It provides her with the ability to let go of her laziness, excitement, and cynicism and help her take the next step, no matter how difficult.

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