You should never stop dreaming. Dig yourself. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 11

You must have made promise to yourself. What happens to them often? I know we start sometimes. But it only lasts for a few days, and you know how stressful it is. These small things can tell you how determined you are. You dreamed that you would like to do your own business or enter a company. You dreamed of changing your career or you wanted to be an artist. How can you achieve those shots without fighting? If those dreams were easy to achieve, many could succeed in this world. However, you know that the proportion of successful people is not very high. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Every success, big or small, has a stage of success and victory – a beginning, a struggle and then a victory”. I have seen many times that people go with the flow. We keep going until everything is perfect. Whenever we find some resistance, our outlook or enthusiasm begins to die down. Therefore, most of our dreams are not life. You will not let this happen. Before you start anything, understand what challenges you can face. If you are well prepared for the rules, your chances of winning are high. We cannot determine the challenge we can have. However, we can predict many of them and prepare for them in advance so that they don’t come as a surprise to spoil your plan. So you should never stop dreaming. Dig yourself.

Everyone has talent, but not everyone knows how to use it. The people of this world are divided into three categories: 1) the one who has the talent, 2) the one who knows he has the talent, 1) the one who actually uses his talent. When we are young and we finish our studies, we still believe in our dreams. We know our specialties, we often forget about our talents when we choose our profession only on the basis of educational qualifications and credentials. At this time, we neglect our interests and specialties as a result our talent began to disappear. Everyone has talent; everyone is born with the potential to excel in life. Unfortunately, we usually find ourselves not knowing it.

Competition should not be afraid. Win or loss, however, must be learned from it. Healthy competition will help to grow the qualities of the mind. Don’t lose hope. Whatever the adversary, he must fight and succeed with all his might and zeal. You need to change yourself if needed. Many times in life they do not want to do anything; after exhausting their minds, they become fleeing. This mind has to be suppressed. The first and most important information of success is life and controlling yourself completely. It is better not to waste time putting the blame on one’s own frustration and failure. I have studied regularly and practiced regularly, never made any fuss — this self-confidence also gives satisfaction in failure.

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