Every Defeat is new Hope for next Win-‘Har Har, Jeet Ki Umid’. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 13

Hard work and responsibility is the key to gaining the respect of colleagues. Never worry about what others are doing. You should always try to do your work with care and sincerity. When you do the right thing, the only thing you can do, then success will come. You have to learn to think on your own. Learning to think on your own is beneficial in two ways. The first is the opportunity to develop deeper into the subject by analysing a topic, and the second is to read more books in order to argue for one’s own views and to be aware of the surrounding events, thereby creating both an interest in knowing and a habit of reading. Failure to do so gives one more chance. Nothing to worry about There is any reason for unnecessary tension. Remember, ‘Har Har, Jeet Ki Umid’. Everyone wakes up hoping to win.

Planning and practice are preparation, and that is what builds confidence. Without preparation, the pressure on the mind will increase. Preparation only precedes competition. It is important to remember that competition is constantly increasing. With the same talent, the same abilities, you may find that your friend has succeeded. The question may come to your mind, what is your deficit? Analysing it properly, you will find that your friend’s stubbornness, concentration and strenuous practice have kept him ahead of you. If you do not disappoint, if you do not give up, you will find that you have the same success as your friend one day.

Goals will help you identify your performance and abilities. If the goal is uncertain, you will be able to go a little farther, but then you will not be able to adjust the direction and this will result in the failure and disappointment. The goal-setting formula that has been around for years are – SMART (Specifically Measurable Achievement that will be Realistic & Time bound), meaning that the goal is realistic and limited space-free space. Keep your self-esteem high. E.G. White said, “The person who does not value his self-esteem — God is angry with him”. If you want to be successful in life then you have to move slowly towards the goal without compromising your faith. There should be strong certainty in mind.

“Do not pierce anyone, small or large, do not spend vain words, stay away from stubborn people” – Swami Dayananda Saraswati. “Happiness is a golden deer, whose bus is not in the forest, mind If you have a mind like a mind, you can be happy in any situation, smile openly ”- Md. Lutfar Rahman Sarkar . “Where he speaks in his unconscious moments is not the absolute truth of his life That is not to be judged only “- Saratchandra Chattopadhyay. “Silence is the best approach for the ignorant If everybody knew this, no one would have been ignorant ”- Shaikh Sadi

The story of a little-known Indian worshiper of humanity

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