Keep learning and keep going, you will get it one day or another. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 14

Competition is good and necessary, but it’s best not to be in a frivolous competition. It can hurt the adolescent’s sharply sensitive mind. Our nature has the power to win against; there is intelligence, the ability to express. That is why we can overcome adversity. We have the ability to analyse events by wisdom, strong will, infinite power of heart, love, sacrifice, so we will win. One has to think about overall well-being, beyond the guise of selfishness, self-centeredness or narcissism. Think twice before pursuing any goal. However, once you make a decision, this will be the first step toward meeting your goals. Then it won’t stop. Small steps are enough to keep you on track and motivate you to move on or move on. Challenges will come to make you stronger. Keep learning and keep going, and you will get it one day or another.

Do you think that you are one of the few who dreams big? No Most people in the world dare to dream of becoming billionaires, there are many who want to be famous in the world but most of them are unsuccessful. Why? In fact, after a little effort, it is difficult or impossible in their mind. The winners are also ordinary people, but their determination is extraordinary, they simply go a little further to make the dream a reality by not giving up. We fail because we lack determination. If we verify, it’s not that we fail at something big. We fail in small things every day for the same reason, so we have to be determined and stick to it.

Those who have succeeded in their lives never go about their past. They give importance to the present work. So they have succeeded in life. As food is essential for survival, success is needed, but also goals. The goal is not an imaginary form. The goal is the real form. What matters is what you want to do or where you want to reach. Suddenly no goal can be set, it requires preparation in advance. If the goal is beyond capacity, it will be frustrating. The limitation of thought has to be enlarged. The mind needs to hold on to one goal. The mind must always be happy and it must be directed towards the work that the mind wants to achieve. The will has to take precedence. You have to give up and get down working. Words have to be priced and faith must be paid. Don’t despise your own work. Give importance to the work you are inclined to do. Think about it. Your mind will show you the way to do the job better. Develop your thinking; you will see the best results.

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