Success introduces us to the world, but failure introduces us to life. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 15

If you work hard, you will see fate falling down on you as well. There will be challenges in the way of life. But if you do not lagging to make the effort, and immerse yourself in hard work, you must overcome that challenge. Success can never be what it is. Disappointment is life partner. But those with a strong mind are the ones who can overcome failure, fall, overcome misery, and climb the ladder of success again. You don’t have to sit down thinking about fate; you just have to keep an eye on hard work. If you want to spend your life as your own, you will never become a fan. Success introduces us to the world, but failure introduces us to the life. Don’t worry about failure because you only have to be right once you have success.

Competition is of course good but it should not go on a personal level. Competition helps to improve oneself, but that competition should never be brought to a level of personal grudge or jealousy. Just looking at you makes it difficult to get the help of others and in the end it is not good for yourself. Do not listen to others; never pay attention to who is saying what. That should be what is right in the situation. Have the courage to admit your own guilt. Confessing guilt helps to calm the mind. It is a great virtue to admit guilt. Always try to keep the mind pure and clear. Whatever the past is, it must be thought that the past, the terrible memories of the past should not frighten you. There is no reason to be afraid of what will happen in the future. Only a little will realize that those thoughts are very imaginary and trivial. When giving a word to someone, it should be kept in mind.

If a topic is to be read in remembrance, then after reading it you have to think about it. If you repeatedly stir, reading at one time will form in your mind. You have to use your power to the full. Many times, many environments are not well-studied. But if you want to study, you can work within it. You have to get away from the turmoil and sink into your work. Some tests are difficult, some are easy. Some tests win and some exams lose. Always try your best. When you start looking for a job, the first thing you need to do is self-study. Make your target. Don’t cheat yourself. After the reading is ready, give your hand to the storybook. Don’t hesitate to fall into the habit of reading. Today’s reading will be of great use in your future. You will be far ahead of the people around you. Every parent should support that practice.

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