Get out of your Comfort Zone, You can move forward only when you are Ready for Something New. Pradip Kumar Ray.

I & M Series – 20

What are some of the things you are proficient in, and what are the weaknesses? You have to find it. You have to know your favourite work first. You really need to create a strategy so that you can move towards your goal. One thing to keep in mind is that you must not make yourself a martyr for others as you do not want to hurt anyone. The honest will of every human being should be respected by everyone. Skill is different, not all skills are equal. So before you start looking for work, do not judge first how much skill you have in your store. What you want to be in life, what you really want to do in your life – you need to spend some time sitting with yourself to answer these questions. Think, what would be best to do. For one thing, what you want to do is, incidentally, it may not make the job. But life does not become useless.

If you truly know your inner workings and do not give up, you will somehow be able to take that path. In addition to the profession, other work can be done, it is called addiction. Make that discovery of your life intoxicating or not. If you want to make friends, you want to have confidence in others and honesty but there are times when we want to build relationships without sacrificing our confidence or honesty and as a result, problems arise.Experiments mean opportunities, opportunities to create one that will be useful throughout life. The first is to bring your mind under control. If you finish your studies and still do not know your talents, you are too late.

You fool yourself; a third of your life has already been cut, so learn to recognize talent. We need to improve ourselves by learning from different life experiences; if we stop improving ourselves, we will be stuck in the same place, so the one who improves himself will go on in life. To give up means not always that you are very weak in nature, it means that you are strong and very intelligent and want to move forward before leaving them. Living a life is not an easy task; no one can become great here without conflict one thing to know, unless the hammer hits the stone but the stone is not converted into a god. Get out of your Comfort Zone, You can move forward only when you are ready for something new.As long as you are others; if you feel responsible for your problems and difficult situations, you will not be able to overcome your problems and difficult situations at once.

“It’s good to celebrate success, but failure has to be looked at” – Bill Gates. “With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, everything is attainable.”  – Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton. “If you follow the right path and are always ready to follow that path, then you will surely succeed” -: Barack Obama. “Life is not divided into several test semesters there is no summer vacation here and very few people will come to help you understand you’re potential.”- Bill Gates.

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